The top selling Bose QC15 noise cancelling headphones has just gone hip. You can now customize the QC15 according to your taste. It doesn’t come free though. For $100 more than the regular mundane version you can have yours customized using the online ‘Design Tool’. You are given many options and colors to choose. With a few clicks of the user friendly design tool you can change the color of the bracket, spacers, headbands, ear cups, domes etc. Here is an example of a quirky design:

Custom Bose QC 15


And here are how some of the finished products look like:Customized Bose QC15

The finished products certainly look unique and fashionable. Whether it justifies the additional 33% increase in price is a matter for you to decide.

If this is what you want you can go to Bose’s online design tool here to customize your own unique headphones.

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