Finding a name for a newborn baby is one of the most crucial tasks as a parent. It’s not like one can give a name to their child without giving it a proper thought.

However, if you didn’t get to choose the last name for your baby for whatever reason, this article will help you.

Many parents prefer to give complicated names to their babies. Names with meanings that are a bit hard to understand but have surprisingly great meanings. So are you looking for those types of names? If yes, you would love this list of long and complicated last names that start with O.

Then, let’s get started with the list below;

1. Owen

‘Owen’ is a very famous name that is of Welsh and Celtic origin. ‘Owen’ is a suitable name for boys and has different meanings in different languages. The basic translation of this name implies ‘young warrior’ and ‘novel’ person. Though it’s a variant of the Welsh personal name Owain, it still has its recognition and is considered as a new name after a few years.

Owen is pronounced as ‘Oh-ween’ in Welsh naming. However, there are different forms of this name, such as in Irish ‘Eoghan,’ pronounced as O-wen. If you would like something related to fighting type like ‘warrior,’ you can go with this one.

Note: This name is most popular on the CocoFinder page, with O’s most popular last names.

2. Olvera

‘Olvera’ is a fairly great name for a newborn girl. The name is pretty easy to pronounce, but it has some unique meanings and sources of origin. Apparently, ‘Olvera’ was used for a person who lives near an ‘Olive Tree’ or an ‘Orchard owner.’

It was first used in a city near Ronda in Spain. ‘Olvera’ is a habitational name that has a Spanish origin. One interesting thing is that it’s a female version of the name Oliver, which is most likely used for the person who plants ‘Olive Tree.’

3. Orion

‘Orion,’ the legendary greek hunter from the past. ‘Orion’ has Greek origin and is a very special name for a boy. It was first used for the Nevada Territory, Orion Samuelson. He is the only man who was recognized by the name of ‘Orion.’ Later, the name started to be used often in the US.

Samuelson played a great role as a Union drummer in the  American Civil war. He was honored with the Medal because of his hard work. However, some more meanings of ‘Orion’ are ‘boundary. or ‘limit.’

4. Orton

‘Orton’ has a surprisingly unique meaning in its way. It is a boy’s name that has Old English Scottish origin. The name is quite rare in the United States now. The meaning of ‘Oston’ is ‘Shore settlement.’

You might be wondering what that means, right? Well, ‘shore’ is a land/area at the edge of a sea, ocean, or large lake. The land linking the high and low watermarks is defined by the word ‘Shore.’ So it came out like the ‘settlement of the shore.’ It’s an interesting name; you should prefer it if you want something surprising.

5. Oakley

Here is another rare name that is related to trees. ‘Oakley’ is a pure English-originated name, and it can be used for both boys and girls. The name was first used in the Christian Religion. In fact, ‘Oakley’ is a biblical name that means ‘meadow of the oak trees.

The word ‘meadow’ here means; land that is mostly covered by grass. So it probably seems like the actual meaning of ‘Oakley’ is ‘land covered with low-lying grass of the Oaktree.’ It has a pretty complicated meaning. Though once understood, it’s as beautiful.

6. Ouellette

The next name on the list is ‘Ouellette, a feminine name. The name has a straight meaning which is ‘eye’ that shares a French origin. This name has an interesting connection with its ancestry and people use it as their last name in the United States.

The name was first used by the family who lived by the place called Normandy. ‘Ouellette’ was derived from the French word ‘Oil ‘; the family decided to use this word metaphorically that refers to the source of a fountain or spring.

7. Ocampo

‘Ocamo’ is a unisex name that has a Galician origin. The name is pretty unique and not used often. However,  it is an Irish name that means Galician ‘O’ and + campo as ‘the field.’

Indeed, it is an awesome choice to use this surname if you want your kid to step into the sports community. As the reference to the ‘field,’ it would suit your little champ’s career.

8. O’Neill

‘O’Neill’ is a pretty famous surname not just in the US but all over the world. It’s an Irish surname whose region of Origin is Ireland. However, O’Neill is made up with Anglicization of the original Irish elements ua that means ‘grandson’ or ‘descendant.’

The composed ‘ua’ elements in this name are what makes it so special. More names like that are ‘O’Neil,’ O’Neall,’ ‘O’Neal’ and much more.

9. Osori

The next name in the list is ‘Osorio,’ a pure middle English name for a boy. Being one of the least foundable names with a deep origin makes this name unique and special.

It is of old Spanish origin that derived from a personal name whose origin is unknown. However, ‘Osorio is a multi-meaning name. But the considered and most appropriate meaning for it is ‘hunter of wolves.

10. Oswalt

Do you know that this name is a combination of the German word ‘os,’ which means ‘god’ plus ‘wield’ as ‘power’? ‘Oswalt’ is a pretty unique name for a boy. It has a Germanic origin and came from old English. A perfect powerful name if you have English roots.

However, this name was later derived from the German name ‘Answald,’ which has so many meanings like ‘defender of the house,’ ‘illustrious defender,’ ‘God rules,’ and ‘divine power.’


There you have it! The list of top 10 complicated names starts with O. Getting a name for your baby is challenging. Hopefully, this article helped you out with that.

There are so many words from Greek, Latin, and much more origins. And they have great meanings. Just pick the one that vibes you the most.

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