Sony WH Series
Sony WH Series

Sony has been hitting consumers with plenty of new products recently and the newly minted WH series is its latest additions to the Walkman line-up – the Walkman MWZ-WH505 and NWZ-WH303.

These two headphones are set to provide the 3-in-1 Walkman experience, packing a set of speakers, built-in digital music player and traditional headphones into a single unit.

The higher end NWZ-WH505 comes with a 16GB music player while the WH303 comes with only 4GB, giving users space enough for over 4000 songs without the need to plug these headphones into any other device.

Wondering about the speakers in them? These headphones comes with xLoud tech speakers and with a flip of a switch, these headphones become loudspeakers that come with Virtualphones (VPT) surround sound.

Keep a look out for the full review of these nifty headphones!

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