Playing video games can be as simple as plugging in your platform or console, feeding it your game, plugging in your controller, and heading into the vast gaming universe right away, however, there are a lot of things which you can do before you start playing to make sure you get the best possible experience when playing your favorite video game. From in-game settings to the setting of your room, and more! Here’s a list of things you can do to make your gaming experience even better.

Taking regular breaks

When playing time-consuming games, it is very important that you take breaks. Most game developers and research scientists suggest a 15 minute break for every hour of play. This is not only necessary for the better of your health, it also helps you keep your head in the game and keeps you at peak performance, avoiding any lack of performance that can come from exhaustion or tiredness, and who knows, you might use those 15 minutes to give the lottery a go! There’s also a number of symptoms that one can get from constant gaming without any breaks, such as headaches, nausea, disorientation, and more, so make sure you keep those playing hours at a healthy balance!

Investing in a comfortable gaming chair

Gaming chairs can make sitting & playing for lengthy periods of time considerably more pleasant. It provides head and elbow supports in addition to spinal assistance. This even aids in better sitting posture by ensuring that the backbone is properly aligned. For added support and comfort, a gamer chair has movable arms and a rear that can be adjusted. People who spend long hours playing video games or working on a desktop may benefit from these qualities as well.

Using a specialized gaming monitor

Monitors made specifically for gaming are vital for an optimal gaming setup. Granted, you can use your consoles or PC on any TV that supports an HDMI or VGA connection, however, using gaming monitors has a vast range of benefits that can make your gaming experience a lot better, such as, faster refresh rates, super fast response time that completely removes any delay from console input to display output. Gaming monitors also have special technologies to reduce strain on the eyes, have better colour hues, and are more adjustable and versatile than normal monitors/TV’s.

Using a good gaming headset

The fundamental benefit that comes from using professional gaming headsets is simple, it’s sound quality. You are guaranteed to get super crisp audio, coming from high end speakers, and a very good noise cancellation system that keeps any unwanted background noises your house makes at bay. Most headsets also allow you to chat with your mates as well, with a clear microphone, and might even have special control buttons to be able to quickly make adjustments on sound levels when on the go or in the middle of a game.

Using a wired internet connection

Even though WiFi is being implemented into just about every device out there, it doesn’t mean it’s better than using an old-school wired connection to connect to the multiplayer gaming universe. Yes, you can play using WiFi, and most of the time, it can be good enough, but if you want to be a good server host, or if you want to have a perfect connection, with super fast ping and no delay whatsoever, a wired internet connection is always faster. You will definitely notice the difference in speed and stability when switching between wired and wireless, and this is due to efficiency going down when excluding the use of a wire to send a signal from one device to another.

Optimizing your Graphics & Settings to best fit your device

Most of the time, this is done for you, however, it is highly recommended that before starting to play a game, you go through its settings, to see how you want to see your game run. Most games nowadays let you adjust graphics levels, points of view, color & exposure levels, hues and much more. If you have a strong enough gaming platform, you can max out all the settings to get the clearest most futuristic look out of the game, but the higher the settings, the tougher it is for your platform to run, so make sure you don’t go overboard, otherwise you might slow down the gameplay and ruin your experience instead of improving it. It’s also suggested to go through the game controls, so that you set them up according to your personal preference.

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