In marketing, you have to be creative and intentional, especially when attending a trade show. Within the trade show set up you need to know how to stand out amongst all other participants and draw your target market like a moth to a flame. When creating your booth, you need to make it stand out, and there is no better way than using display light boxes to advertise what you are selling.

Why Use Light Boxes for Your Trade Show

There are multiple ways of advertising your booth to clients, and a light box is at the top of the food chain in matters of advertising. They have several advantages compared to other methods of advertising. Other forms of advertising can be expensive, but light boxes are affordable and energy efficient. Another benefit is that you can change your display depending on what you want to see in your booth. All you need to do is replace the sign inside the light box and change the content without much fuss. So, if you want to create something memorable for your booth, light boxes are your best bet.

Browse for Unique Light Box Ideas

One of the purposes of a trade show is lead generation and to make sure you are the talk of the event, you have to capture everyone’s attention. Bearing in mind your objectives, you cannot decorate your booth half-heartedly. You need all creative ideas and pick the best one for your booth. One way to get the best out of your booth is to search for the best ideas on the internet. A valuable resource for light box displays would be Pinterest, which has a couple of great ideas.

Choose a location for your logo

After choosing a light box from your fruitful search you must have a clear idea of where you will position it on your booth. Depending on the size of your booth, you could place your light box on the side or on top of your booth. For purposes of attracting more clients, you need a light box that’s light and not too heavy so that you can place it in an advantageous spot to capture the people’s attention.

Fitting your company logo

Your company logo represents what your company is about. People associate companies with logos, so be intentional with what you use your logo and patent it so that your trade shows are legally insulated and well-advertised.

Add Information to your advertisement

Additional information goes a long way in an advertisement. You must find something catchy for it to be memorable and authentic. You can find some catchy phrases that resonate with your product to make your trade booth approachable and visible. You can look for phrases online or create some of your own. Also, it is important to fit in important information, such as the prices and offers you have for your products, which is a sure way of attracting clients who were initially reluctant to approach you.

Pay attention to the details

As a marketer, you need to pay attention to detail to ensure you have a memorable display. Ensure your details are correctly laid out and your products are properly listed to give your clients a better view of what your company entails. You wouldn’t want to be remembered for all the wrong reasons if you missed a letter or added an incorrect price on a product.

Use Images where needed

When creating content for your light box you need to balance what you advertise. Adverts are remembered because of how the content was placed in an advert. When placing these images, also add words to explain or create a story for these images, even though they might be self-explanatory to viewers, making their narrative memorable. Adding a picture of what you sell could invite a customer to visit your trade booth. You need to ensure that you are not misrepresenting your products because customers expect to see exactly what you are advertising. It is essential that you are precise and make sure the images used are relevant to what you are advertising.

Use Proper Fonts

When making content for your light show, style matters. A key component of style is the font used to describe your products. The first option is legibility. It is important to make out words from the font you used. Try standing some 30 feet away from your light show and see if you can make out the words. It is a good test to ensure your font is properly written. Also, use contrasting sizes in your font to draw attention to your sign board. You could use underlined words, bold text, and some larger fonts for emphasis. Also, ensure you have a great mix of light and dark colors for visibility.

Ask for a Second Opinion

When starting a business, feedback from friends and family can help you adjust your perspective. You can also look for feedback from a direct competitor. It is important to have objective feedback for your light show to ensure you are on the right track. Feedback will allow you to create more effective feedback.

Practice makes perfect

Businesses have to stumble at some point to get a clearer perspective. When making your light show, you need to practice a trial and error-format and choose different designs if you haven’t settled on which one you prefer. Find out which light show is more appealing to people by trying them out because the biggest sign isn’t the best gateway to advertise and get all your clients in one swoop.

Less is More

Whatever you add to your light box matters to people. Do not overload your light boxes with too much. You need to be precise and intentional. Add one or two images or two or three colors to make sure your products are not overshadowed by unnecessary things.

Final Thoughts

When choosing an appropriate light show, have a checklist of what you need to ensure you have what it takes to create something remarkable. Be precise and do your research to make sure you are the best when attending the trade show.

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