So finally the wait was over as long-awaited season premiere of Criminal Minds Season 15 finally aired on CBS. Yes, the hit drama series Criminal Minds finally made a return with an all-new episode 1 called “Under The Skin” and episode 2 called “Awakenings” on Wednesday, January 8, 2019. The premiere episode was two-hour long with two episodes aired together. And in case you missed it then here we have your weekly Criminal Minds recap. According to CBS synopsis, the Season 15 premiere, will be all about the team looking into an unknown subject that bears resemblance to “The Chameleon”.

Read the article below to know what happened in the Criminal Minds Season 15 Episode 1 and 2 in this written update along with episode 3 spoilers.

Criminal Minds Season 15 Episode 1 and 2- Written Update

The episode started with the team coming together for a baby shower. As Special Agent Simmons and his wife were having another baby, they had arranged a baby shower with all their friends. But Rossi was not present there. Since Rossi can’t let go off the missing Everett Lynch who went on the run with no signs. While the rest of the team had given up hope on finding Everett.

Criminal Minds Season 15 Episode 1 Recap- Rossi hunts down Everett

Rossi even used up his vacation to hunt down Everett and even asked his superiors for favors His latest trip hadn’t been run by Prentiss and didn’t even know he was out of town until she called him to tell her the truth. He went there only when he heard that the city was dealing with a man nicknamed the Chameleon who would target gay men and leaving them out in the woods with missing pieces of flesh.

The only similarity that exists between Everett and this Chameleon had been missing skin. Everett, on one hand, liked to cut his victims’ faces off while this new guy removes skin from the body. He was also a serious misogynist who targeted women with kids because of his own very sick relationship with his mother and this is why he involved his daughter Grace in his kills. He also left Grace holding the bag when he made his escape.

Criminal Minds Season 15 Episode 1 Written Update

Grace meanwhile tried to win her Daddy’s approval which left J.J. in a pool of her own blood and Reid blaming himself for taking too long to discover that she had been shot. The episode was particularly for Spencer trying, between his conflicted feelings about J.J. and his continuing worries about his mother’s deteriorating condition. Unfortunately, while Spencer claimed that he had understood, and her confession had awakened feelings in him which he had not to tamp down. Reid, on the other hand, did get a pleasant surprise, thanks for Diana’s awakening.

Criminal Minds Season 15 Episode 2- Awakening

All because of the awakening, Spencer had his beloved mother back in all her glory. In the meantime, Spencer still had heartbreak on the horizon, as Diana’s recovery promises to be short-lived. Coming back to the Chameleon case, the good news was that Rossi was right to be obsessed with Everett Lynch. The Chameleon is nuts and should be on the BAU’s front burner.

Criminal Minds Season 15 Episode 2 Written Update

By the end of the episode, he found out Everett’s plan finally. He learned that Everett used his stepdad as cover and then it was supposed to keep the team busy even as Everett broke his daughter Grace out prison. Grace must have been in on the plan as well. They made it to the garage when JJ found them. She even tried to arrest them but unfortunately, Grace betrays her. Grace and her father then fled the building. They were gone and JJ was left bleeding out.

Criminal Minds Season 15 Episode 3 Spoilers

The previous episodes have left fans with questions like should Grace have foreseen her fate? Or how is Everett going to slip up? Well, the spoilers for the upcoming episode titled “Spectator Slowing” suggest that the BAU team will investigate a series of seemingly random fatal explosions throughout Kentucky and Tennessee.

Wrapping Up!

So to know more do not forget to watch Criminal Minds Season 15 Episode 3 on Wednesday, Jan. 15 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.









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