What if you get an invalid email address? Email marketing is the core in the procedure of building a successful business, no? So, how can you go for the risks? You should not. You must know that the list of email addresses is valid. All the addresses have no error. Errors don’t happen intentionally. There can be typos or something else but, what can you do in such situations to make sure that your mail addresses are entirely valid? You can go for the email validation with the help of email validation tools.  

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What is Email Validation?

As its name suggests, the email validation is a process that tells you if an email address is valid or not. It has certain procedures to do the same. It also tells that if mistakes are intentional or not in a particular address. And, you do not have to worry about the authenticity of email addresses as it checks that too. But, how? It confirms if the email addresses are registered under a reliable domain or not. 

You must go for this procedure as your email program becomes more efficient after doing the same. Do you know that the delivery rates can be increased up to 98%? And, this also enhances the sender score.

Some Email Validation Tools – Why You Need Them?

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How can email validation be done? Do you know about the email validation tools? Definitely! And, if you are an email marketer, you are very well-known with the term.These email validation tools help you to do the same. These tools validate email addresses and differentiate between invalid, valid as well as risky addresses. But, there are so many tools in the market that are enough to confuse you in making your choice. 

What Are The Best Email Validation Tools?

I told you that there are so many validation tools, right? But, you cannot go for any of them randomly. Here, I am suggesting you 5 best email validation tools that you can use to help yourself. 

1. Email checker

The first one in the list is Email Checker. This one is indeed among the top-rated tools. It is robust and gives accurate results. Multi-tier services are offered by the Email Checker. 

You do not have to worry about the budget issues as it has deals for all of the budget plans. Also, the server infrastructure is awesome. You will always get a supported of an amazing help center that is ready to help you for 24*7. 


  1. This is really important for any software as it makes the work easy for the users. And, yes, this tool has one of the easiest interfaces to work upon.
  2. API is fast and offers the market leading up time.
  3. Documentation is detailed and has so many code examples.
  4. Every customer may have different needs when it comes to the integration offers. So, it offers various services for integration such as FTP account access, automated batch file submission, manual upload, etc.
  5. It also offers the free trial program using which you go for the 100 verification.
  6. You can pay as a one-time user or you can get the monthly plans too. There are no restrictions for the plans at all. 

Link: emailchecker.com

2. Clearout

Clearout is another big name when it comes to the best email verification tools in 2020. Definitely, it provides the best results by searching out all the invalid emails in your list. 

This service is a must-try as you need to make very less of the efforts if you are using this one. Some email addresses may not be wrong but inactive which create the same issues for you. It filters out the same. 


The spam detection service offered by this tool is so amazing.

  1. Results are accurate. You won’t be disappointed at all.
  2. It also measures the response time for each address in your list which is another awesome feature.
  3. You will also get all of the role-based email addresses identified using this tool. 
  4. It works best when it comes to the SMTP verification. 
  5. The prices are generally cheap as well as affordable. 

Link: clearout.io

3. Snov.io – Email Verifier

Do you need an email checker instrument? Go for the Snov.io. The tool is already in demand due to its high level features. This tool offers high quality results within a few minutes. Also, the accuracy rate is 98%. 


With its Bulk Email Check, you can ensure about the delivery of each email that you are sending. 

  1. You can get around 100 email verification on a monthly basis.
  2. It will tell you about all three statuses of checking that are invalid, valid and risky. 
  3. Along with the bulk email verification, you will also get to have a feature of single email verification.
  4. The verification procedure is unique and needs 7-steps to give the highly accurate results. 
  5. The pricing is really reasonable. You can verify 2000 of mails per month with just $39. 

Link: snov.io

4. QuickEmailverification

Next to our list is the QuickEmailverification. This tool is amazing when it comes to serve you at cheap rates. The service is accurate. Just like other tools, this one is also authentic and is serving many of the top brands as well as the small scale businesses. 


  1. The customer care support is 24*7. The experts are there to help you out. 
  2. Accuracy rate is 97% which is amazing and enough for you to trust the service.
  3. Bulk email list cleaning is there too. This is an awesome feature to help you with loads of emails.
  4. The interface is user-friendly. It allows you to work easily on its platform with its extremely easy-to-use features.
  5. Also, the tool is extremely quick to serve you. You can check around 1,00,000 email addresses in about 1 hour of time. Isn’t it so fast? Yes, indeed!
  6. It has a free trial and you can check around 100 mails on a daily basis. After that, you can go for any of the plans as per your choice. 

Link: https://quickemailverification.com/

5. ZeroBounce

Do you want to go for the tool which offers something extra with just the verification? Try out the ZeroBounce verification tool that also offers the data protection with advanced levels.

It has always been in the top among this lists. You can build healthy databases with this tool. 


  1. You can get some of the emails that are not good for your inbox such as abuse or spam with the toxic domains. This will remove them for you.
  2. Their customer support is amazing. You will surely get the 24*7 support with their best experts. 
  3. You will get your email addresses verified within the real time. 
  4. Another important feature is, it will add the information which is missing in the emails. 
  5. The email addresses’ value can be determined by the artificial intelligence which is used by this program.
  6. You can go for both one-time payment as well as the monthly subscription plans.

Link: zerobounce

Final words

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Now, you know the best 5 email validation tools. You can go for any of these according to your needs. The links are also included, so you won’t find any difficulty in getting more information from the sites. 

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