A place dedicated to tranquility and relaxation, the bedroom must be fitted out to promote rest. In order to create an atmosphere conducive to relaxation, it is necessary to think of the furnishings in an ergonomic way.

Choosing the right furniture for your bedroom and installing it in the right place is essential for optimizing space, especially if you have a small area. Here are some ideas and tips for furnishing your bedroom successfully.

Focus on simplicity

In the bedroom, the decoration sets the tone. The choice of colors for the walls, flooring, and furnishings greatly influences the atmosphere that emanates from the room.

To help you fall asleep, it is best to choose combinations in light shades and colors, such as white, beige or very light pink, rather than a bright or dark color. From wall coverings to bed linen, including curtains, stay with the selected color or use similar shade combinations.

By sticking to a palette of shades in your strategy, you will limit the number of points of attention and make it easier for your mind to relax and therefore to rest.

On the other hand, for a child’s room, the freedom of choice in terms of possible colors is greater. A vibrant orange-yellow atmosphere is quite possible.

Minimalism required on the furnishing side

Indeed, the more a room is loaded, the more it appears oppressive and causes a feeling of suffocation. By eliminating the superfluous, you lighten the space, and therefore your mind – a condition conducive to good sleep.

In a room devoted only to sleeping, limit the furniture to the strict minimum by keeping only the essentials, namely a bed and a bedside table. These elements are more than enough, especially if you have the possibility to store your belongings in an annex space. Otherwise, opt for a cabinet that is as discreet as possible. This piece of furniture must be closed with doors or curtains in order to hide its contents and provide a smooth surface to the eye. They should also be placed away from the bed. And if you’re wondering where to find the perfect pieces for your home, feel free to access the online catalog homey design store, where you can have a pleasant shopping session at a reasonable price.

In general, keep the sleeping area free from clutter

Bookcases full of books will look best in a hallway or living room, such as other decorative items, knick-knacks, and whatever takes up space in your sleeping haven. However, this precept is valid for a standard size room. If you have more space, you can afford to keep these items in your bedroom.

Finally, discussing the same subject, be sure to keep any disturbing elements out of the bedroom. Resist the temptation to install a TV set and limit the use of screens as much as possible: their blue light disturbs sleep. Make this room a refuge, where nothing should keep you awake at night.

A bed and nothing else

If there were only one piece of furniture left, it would be this: the bed, as the centerpiece of your bedroom.

Ideally, it should be the only piece of present furniture. Keep this in mind when choosing it, and pay as much attention to its selection as if it were the star, the centerpiece of furniture in the bedroom. Above all, opt for the simplest possible structure: a box spring and a mattress, possibly a frame and a headboard, in the tones of the bedroom, of course.

The size of the bed necessarily depends on that of the sleepers and the surface of the room.

– In a standard room, it is better to stick to standard-sized beds, so you could move around it easily.

– If you have a large area, a “queen size” or even a “king-size” bed will be perfectly suited (if you prefer them, of course).

In terms of comfort, the offer is vast and the price range is wide: single or double box spring, slatted or upholstered, foam, latex, or spring mattresses, firm or soft. Know that a good bed is the one that is adapted to your morphology and your build, one that ensures the maintenance of your spine and doesn’t make your back hurt during the whole day.

A nightstand can be added to the bed, an exception to the “zero furniture” rule. It allows you to put a bedside lamp, an alarm clock, a glass of water, a book and some small stuff for when you wake up in the morning. Here again, bet on simplicity and practicality and choose a small piece of furniture, matching the rest of the room for perfect homogeneity.

Now that you know what to do, let’s what you should avoid:

Mistake # 1: installing an office area in the bedroom

A desk installed in the bedroom is psychologically loaded. Papers and invoices, current files, archives all create an environment harmful to sleep. As a reminder to our little daily worries, they break the calm bubble necessary for a good rest. Unless you have a large bedroom, where the two spaces are quite distinct, install such items in a cabinet, a hallway or the living room.

Mistake # 2: neglecting the bed space

Sometimes decided in a hurry, the place of the bed in the bedroom is not always the most suitable for everyday life and good sleep. However, once installed, this central element is not easy to move, because of its importance and its environment – starting with bedside tables, chest of drawers, sockets, and ending with switches, all these elements are determined according to the place of the bed.

Mistake # 3: getting caught up in the mess

Clothes thrown on chairs and the bed, books, and magazines scattered on the nightstand, shoes near the closed. In the bedroom, storage is an eternal restart. Poorly organized, the room quickly takes on the air of a boutique on a sales day when it must be as stripped down as possible.

Now you know all dos and don’ts of an ergonomic bedroom. Let’s recap – in short, if you want a healthy sleep, bet on minimalism and calm details, as this will ensure the visual space you need to breathe and relax.

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