New crypto users are suffering from the misconception that they are immune to cyber-attack. They are using their crypto wallets carelessly thinking no one could ever penetrate the system. But the hackers can track your movement and get access to your personal details via social engineering.

Social engineering is the process by which hackers get sophisticated information. However, you don’t have to panic about cyber threats. By using four effective methods, you can easily secure your wallet from hackers and get the maximum benefit. Let’s find out some amazing tips that will us to use cryptocurrencies in a much better way.

Secure your wallet

The first thing you should do is to secure the wallet. Enable two factors authentication mode so that you don’t have to lose any money even if your password is compromised. The concept of 2FA or two-factor authentication has changed the overall security layer in the online market place.

Those who are thinking two factors authentication mode is difficult to deal with the complicated nature of the market has a lot to learn. Initially, you should learn a bit more about crypto wallet security and this will allow you to take the trade in a much more precise way. It will eventually allow you to make transactions in the safest possible way.

Use a reputed exchange company

Being a frequent user of the cryptocurrency it is normal that you will be dealing with complicated market structure, price fluctuations, and other complex variables. So, it is important that you use the best instant cryptocurrency exchange service when you convert the digital asset.

Some of you might not give any importance to professional broker but they are the ones who ensure the safety of your investment. They are spending a decent amount of money to ensure the funds are in safe hands. Moreover, you can learn a lot by accessing the reputed company’s website like bigX. They are regularly publishing technical and fundamental contents on the crypto industry which gives us a clear insight into the market dynamics.

Digital footprint

Those who are trying to abuse modern technology need to think twice about cryptocurrency. Though it’s said, the transactions are done in an anonymous medium but if you commit a crime, the IT specialist can track down the source of funds. So, use your money wisely. Never think you get access to the underworld and you can do whatever you like.

In fact, the cryptocurrency transactions are much more transparent so that the users can get the maximum benefit without having any major problem. Leaving your digital footprint is a very common problem and you can’t avoid this issue. So, be careful when you spend money with a crypto wallet.

Trade cryptocurrencies responsibly

Thousands of users in the crypto industry are fascinated with the concept of crypto trading. They are opening high leverage trading accounts just to access the big profit potential. But trading the market with high risk and trying to earn more money in a very aggressive way can result in a big loss.

To survive as a retail crypto trader, you should be concerned about the risk exposure. Risking too much in your account and trying to earn huge capital can lead to big losses. To save your trading capital, you must learn to trade the market with discipline. Try not to risk too much as it can ruin your investment and impose a great threat to your trading career.

Follow the basic protocol of the investment business and lower down the risk profile. Focus on your trading skills and develop a strategic way to trade the crypto market. After you become confident, you can take advantage of market volatility. Always remember, you should not risk more than 2% while trading crypto.

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