It is not a secret that recent advancements in AI algorithms have taken AI development services to a new level. Artificial intelligence is increasingly being utilized in software development to enhance both the development process and the developer experience. Although tools like Microsoft’s IntelliSense have been around for a while to offer AI development services like code completion and guidance, they have certain limitations. Nevertheless, these tools are valuable and a major reason why many developers choose to use IDEs.

Are you hesitant to implement AI in your business operations or not? To better understand the pros and cons of AI-assisted development, it’s worth exploring the topic in greater depth. This will enable you to confidently decide whether to employ AI-augmented software engineers. Geniusee experts gathered the latest AI updates to help you understand the AI potential better and decide on AI implementations for your business enhancement. Deepen your knowledge and explore new horizons for your acceleration!

What Value Can AI Bring To Your Business?

Software professionals worldwide are currently utilizing ChatGPT to gain hands-on experience with how advanced AI-augmented platforms can enhance the capabilities of application developers, software engineering managers, and business stakeholders. Their reports outline the advantages that current AI augmentation can offer software engineering teams:

Code creation

It is truly remarkable that ChatGPT’s ability to write code has “shocked” software developers. According to this feature, ChatGPT can create web pages, applications, and even basic games in all programming languages commonly used today when instructed to do so. However, as the following section will demonstrate, today’s AI still has several significant limitations when writing software.

Documentation and explanation of existing code

One more of ChatGPT’s most amazing features is that it can take existing code and provide a clear, accurate, and easy-to-understand explanation of what it does. This is a significant advantage that an advanced AI platform can only offer developers working with legacy code, which is often non-transparent due to insufficient documentation. In fact, the AI engine’s explanations are so well-written and clear that they can also be a valuable learning tool for less experienced developers.

Enhancement of QA and bug fixing

ChatGPT can examine a piece of code to identify and explain bugs that human programmers may overlook. It can also propose solutions to the errors it detects. Advanced AI platforms can significantly automate software testing, shortening the development cycle.

Moving from one environment or language to another

Programmers can provide ChatGPT with code written in one language and have it accurately translated into the syntax of a language with which the programmer may be less familiar.

Development of low-code or no-code

Low-code/no-code (LCNC) is already having a significant impact on the operations of many businesses. It enables business users with limited technical coding skills to automate workflow processes without needing IT professionals. ChatGPT’s ability to generate executable code from natural language inputs further enhances the democratization of the software development process.

How AI Can Help Develop Better Software Faster

From requirements gathering to software deployment, developers leverage AI to enhance each stage of the software development process. Let’s have a look at some examples:

Requirements management

You’ll agree that poor requirements management, which involves gathering, validating, and tracking end-user requirements for a software product, can lead to project delays, costs, and failure. To address this, several vendors have introduced digital assistants that use natural language processing and rules to review requirements documents, identify ambiguities, and offer suggestions for improvement. These AI-powered tools can detect inaccuracies, incomplete requirements, unmeasurable quantification, complex requirements, and loopholes to expedite the requirements review process.

Project management

Businesses use AI to enhance project management. Startups are developing tools that use advanced analytics to analyze data from previous software projects to predict the tasks, engineering resources, and timelines required for new projects. This definitely helps you improve project execution and planning.

Coding, code-reviewing, sourcing, and fixing bugs

AI-powered code completion tools offer suggestions to developers as they type, reducing the number of keystrokes required by up to 50%. Some tools even provide a list of relevant code snippets. Code-review tools use AI to identify bugs, understand the code’s intent, and suggest code modifications automatically. At Facebook, a bug-finding tool predicts problems correctly and suggests solutions 80% of the time.

In-depth testing

Automated testing tools have been used for years to execute test scenarios. Today, AI-powered tools can run tests, generate test cases, and help ensure that more scenarios and functionality are tested, saving analysts time.


Software defects may only become apparent after installation in the intended environment. However, AI-powered tools can anticipate deployment failures by analyzing data such as application logs and statistics from previous code releases. This can speed up the initial cause analysis and recovery in case of a failure.

While running your own business, you should keep in mind successful companies are those that can adapt, expand, and innovate by creating disruptive solutions and effective problem-solving strategies. Geniusee, as an experienced technology company, is committed to promoting innovation by embracing transformative technologies to enhance the way we work. We firmly believe that artificial intelligence has the potential to empower organizations, encourage collaboration, and facilitate more profound knowledge and creativity. Our developers have successfully implemented augmented coding in numerous projects and would love to help you leverage this technology to improve your projects. Let’s accelerate together!

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