In the span of groundbreaking technological advancement, enterprises are presently adopting the contract automation software in their business practices to track, manage & store documents related to contracts with consumers, distributors, agencies, along with other essential organizations. 

This software is predominantly backing up a person to attain a particular aim for the business, such as keeping valuable information at one location, notifying the primary members concerning negotiation, execution & time limit. 

If you are a businessman and searching out for the best contract automation software, then you have landed in the perfect place.This post mainly consists of the five best contract automation software of the era. Before that, let us see the brief introduction and then the features of the best software.

So without losing any time, let’s jump into it.

Contract automation is predominantly the activity of creating, supervising, managing and storing valid documents, contracts and paperwork online between the holder and another person of the company who is in the collaboration. This software acquires the authority to guide the entire procedure, which grants you to bring off contracts swiftly and construct a strong association.

Why Contract Automation Is A Must For Every New Age Business?

Contract Automation and Management Software furnishes contract creation and maintenance, automates the approval system, streamlines contract renewal and milestone detection, contract attachments and collaborations, contract database, contract templates and attachment, compliance management, contract search, third party integration and much more.

A user can also alter the attribute of contract automation set-up based on their company’s preference. The main goal of using the software is to upgrade productivity and, at the same point, cut back time. Additionally, contract automation software is like a helping hand to outline fast and whip-smart decisions. 

Optimization of the sales operation, negotiated contract renewals, improvement of data discoverability and data visibility features lead to support for all types of businesses to elevate to the next level. If you are looking out for such tools, then check out the below mentioned stunning software.

5 Best Contract Automation Softwares Of The Era

Here is the well-curated catalogue of the five best contract automation software of the era, along with its services. Go and explore it to get a better understanding in-depth. 

1.Spotdraft – The Best Contract Automation Software

Spotdraft is the best contract automation software

Spotdraft is one of the top-notch content automation software. It accommodates to create, manage and check your contracts with a powerful and magnificent mechanism. Through this software, a particular company can reduce 70% in review time, 95% save the cost by contrast to manual review and twofold faster-dealing closing time. 

It is substantially an AI-driven platform and takes charge of the legal contracts automation to make seamless and easy work. The team of Spotdraft is exceptionally receptive, helpful and intuitive. They are always on their toes to establish the orientation process quickly. 

Spotdraft comes up with instant creation, assisted reviews, fantastic management, contract campaigns and cloud storage to keep your documents at your fingertips. In short, Spotdraft automates every thing which slows down your contract management process and makes your contract management hassle-free.


Here are some great features of Spotdraft that will make your contract management streamlined:

  • Contract builder
  • Dynamic clauses 
  • Conditional workflows
  • Tamper-proof audit trail 
  • Native e-signature and integration
  • Error checks 
  • Version control 
  • Notification and reminders
  • Edit history
  • Bulk import 
  • Smart search 
  • 100% secure 
  • Unlimited storage 
  • Mobile-friendly

Official Website :

2. Juro 

Juro - contract automation software

Juro is among the best contract automation software of the era that capacitates your crew members to create, execute and monitor broad-spectrum regime contracts. Through this software, you can detach all your static files and collaborate better with powerful AI techniques. 

It facilitates your team to integrate seamlessly with the robust tools and helps to get the agreements faster. Juro put forward the ultra high performing team to scale up the contract workflow, closing the deals rapidly and best onboarding experience.


Let us see some great features Juro contract automation software has to offer

  • 256-bit SSL encryption
  • Audit trail 
  • Audit extraction 
  • Access controls
  • Automated templates
  • Contract activity tracking 
  • Electronic signature
  • Contract lifecycle management
  • Scalable API 
  • Renewal deadline tracking

Official Website :

3. ContractWorks

ContractWorks - contract automation software

ContractWorks is another unbeatable contract management software that is easy to use and economical for all enterprises. This tool is comprehensible, dynamic, reliable to manage and control the contracts quickly. 

ContractWorks is a versatile software that is feasible & effortlessly applied to satisfy your needs along with an inbuilt electronic signature. It renders reasonable and transparent pricing and never impose the additional charge for any support, implementation or training. 

ContractWorks provides you with the notable security counting multi-factor authentication to safeguard your contract data.


Here are some amazing features of ContractWorks contract automation software:

  • Repository 
  • Electronic signature 
  • Smart document tagging
  • Reporting 
  • OCR and advanced search
  • Alerts and notifications
  • Document templates
  • Permission-based user roles

Official Website :

4. PandaDoc

PandaDoc - contract automation software

PandaDoc is one of the most popular contract automation software for its highly skilled and fast-moving teams. A user can enhance the document workflows to amplify the performance plus handover the incredible experience for their customers. 

PandaDoc tool will replicate the countless activities by creating, sending and tracking the contracts. With fabulous and custom-built documents, it strengthens the sales team to bide with brands. It destroys the administrative risk with a seamless workflow to bring acceleration in the sales cycle.

On top of it, this software avails the rationalize system to create, approve, e-sign proposals, quotes and contracts. Boost every phase of your industry trade with PandaDoc. Overall it is the best contract automation software of the era.


Here are some prominent features of PandaDoc

Document creation: 

  • Customizability: variables and fields
  • Template creation & flexibility 
  • Online document creation 
  • PDF creation
  • Custom branding
  • Alerts & notifications 

Security and scalability:

  • Regulatory compliance
  • Signature history and audit 

Signature process

  • Reminders and expirations
  • Signature workflow
  • Signature document creation
  • Reporting
  • Document signing
  • Sign-in process

Official Website :

5. Agiloft

Agiloft - contract automation software

Agiloft is the most renowned automation software to lead your contract lifecycle management. It offers you the hosted services and implementation services with custom development packages. One can also learn automation technology for an exclusive business approach through administration and partner training classes. 

With Agiloft, you will receive standard annual constant support and upgraded contracts. It excellently analyses, monitors and manages vendor obligations plus integrates with the present system and complementary applications. It gives you code-free modification, agile scalable secure and an unconditional guarantee.


Let us have a look at some incredible features of Agiloft

  • Powerful searching
  • Precise access control 
  • Custom portals
  • Configurable interfaces
  • Auditability 
  • AI core
  • Custom look and feel 
  • Installation and upgrades
  • Multi-language support 
  • APIs and scripts

Official Website:

Final Take

All the aforenamed listings of the five best contract automation software of the era are profitable to expand the business massively. Automation software is playing a vital role to manage the ever-increasing routine documents with safety. Ponder it and take the right decision. After all, it’s your company, and you have to make a choice. 

I hope this article might be helpful, informative and beneficial for you. If you are familiar with any other best contract automation software, let me know in the comments below. In case you have any doubts, feel free to ask. I will be happy to help you out.

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