Garmin nuvi 2577LT

Garmin has this pattern of announcing new GPS devices for the cars every January. Unsurprisingly, the new model names add more confusion to which products are actually new. However, you should get to know these 2013 models because they represent the biggest upgrade yet with new designs, new features and refined interface changes. The main focus of these new products is to make it easier to follow map directions. That can be hard to believe at first because their existing Garmin nuvi products perform well and are extremely easy to use. But with fierce competitors trying to snag market share, Garmin had to raise the bar yet again and did so wonderfully across various price points. The Garmin nuvi 2577LT is an interesting addition to the family and only caters to a small crowd. Find out what makes this GPS device unique in this nuvi 2577LT review.

Garmin nuvi 2577LT
Garmin nuvi 2577LT


Garmin is changing up the generic formula in designing their GPS products. Rather than having a full black bezel, Garmin decided to make the bottom part of the bezel grey. On paper, it is a pretty simple change but if you look at the device itself, it looks rather refreshing and bold. Garmin has made a name for itself when it comes to hardware design and this new change shows Garmin’s determination to stay as the leader. As for the rest of the physical specs, the Garmin nuvi 2577LT features a bright 5-inch display with a standard 480×272 resolution.


The nuvi 2577LT features a pretty huge interface overall on the map screen. The 3D graphics are similar to the older Garmin nuvi devices but more information is shown without seriously obscuring the map view. The bottom panel looks pretty stylish and shows how fast you are going as well as the street and ETA information. The top panel shows information about the next turn. The big interface change lies on the side panel which you can slide in and out. This side panel can display other map details like traffic information or nearby distances to important points of interest like gas stations, ATM machines and restaurants. Icon indicators of these POIs show up on the map as well so you can always rush to these places even if you already have a route set.

Garmin didn’t just focus on visual improvements with the Garmin nuvi 2577LT. Another feature that is getting a big upgrade is the voice engine. Called Garmin Real Voice, this new technology vastly improves the text-to-speech functionality of the nuvi 2577LT. It now speaks routes more naturally and it can also voice out landmarks in addition to street names so you know exactly where to make a specific turn. The whole experience feels as if a friend is giving directions to you. This feature works with the new Garmin Real Directions feature which can also uses recognizable buildings and traffic lights as landmarks.

Active Lane Guidance with photoReal junction was one of the nice additions to the 2012 Garmin nuvi models. This lane assist feature is present in the Garmin nuvi 2577LT as well and it receives the same interface improvements so you can clearly see important highway signs on the top panel. The arrows are now brightly colored and animated so you can be more aware of the lane you have to be in. Voice prompts are supported in this lane assist feature to so you can actually be guided to the right lane even if you are not paying attention to the display. Switch the view to Bird’s Eye and you can see other points of interest as well as other junctions in the area.

It is important to note that the nuvi 2577LT does not come with real-time map updates but if you plan on buying the Garmin nuvi 2577LT this year, it shouldn’t be a huge issue since the maps are pretty up-to-date. On the upside, maps of the Transatlantic are preloaded in the device. This means that you have full coverage of North America and Europe which is a must for frequent travelers.

The only lifetime feature that is included in the nuvi 2577LT is the traffic updates. Garmin Traffic provides all the vital information on the sidebar and you can discover new things such as how long the traffic jam will last and the fastest detour you can take. The new voice engine expands to Garmin Traffic as well so you can expect this device to talk a lot when traffic issues arise.

Like its predecessors, Garmin Express can be used to make cosmetic customizations to the device. Tired of the usual car icon? You can change it to something else or something out of this world. This feature also handles the software updates.

Extra Features

The Garmin nuvi 2577LT has the same extra features as the Garmin nuvi 2597LMT which means that voice command support is present. This allows you to issue natural English commands to the device for route planning. This makes driving safer since you don’t have to keep your hands off the wheel to touch the display. Combined with the refined text-to-speech features, talking to the nuvi 2577LT is a lot more exciting.

Another nice safety feature is the embedded Bluetooth functionality. It works by linking with your smartphone so the Garmin nuvi 2577LT essentially becomes a hands-free speakerphone where you can call your contacts from the GPS device and talk while the smartphone stays on the dock or in the glove compartment.

Install the free Smartphone Link app in your iOS or Android device can you can share your wireless 3G or 4G with the nuvi 2577LT. Having this Internet connectivity is useful if you want to share your POIs, destination or parking location. The device can also utilize the Garmin Live Services to retrieve traffic and weather conditions.


If you have $250 to spare, you have a choice to get the Garmin nuvi 2577LT or Garmin nuvi 2597LMT. The Garmin nuvi 2597LMT is recommended if you want lifetime map updates since the rest of the features are identical with the Garmin nuvi 2577LT. Only consider the nuvi 2577LT if you really need the preloaded Europe maps.

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