Garmin Oregon 750

Going backpacking with your buddies? One thing you shouldn’t leave home without is a good GPS device to help you keep your bearings no matter where you are. While there are many brands and units to choose from, one of the best units on the market is the Garmin Oregon 750 Handheld GPS. It offers better satellite reception with its redesigned antenna and dual connectivity with both GPS and GLONASS.

Garmin Oregon 750

Garmin Oregon 750

Keeps you connected with your heart rate monitor

No matter what you do outdoors, its multi-link wireless connectivity with Wi-Fi, ANT+ and Bluetooth make the Garmin Oregon 750 is the perfect outdoor companion. With its animated radar overlays, the Active Weather support system proves helpful while kayaking, trail riding, hunting, hiking and climbing.

If you have a weak heart, don’t worry. Its ANT+ keeps you connected to your heart rate monitor, computers and other ANT+ enabled devices. To top it all, you have the additional year’s BirdsEye Satellite Imagery subscription that you can use to transfer as many satellite images to your device as required.

Enjoy your geocaching

If you love geocaching, you will love the Oregon 750 for the geocaching experience it gives you. Its wireless Wi-Fi and Bluetooth links help you set your device to automatically keep updated with the latest caches in the Geocaching website.
You thus needn’t go through the hassles of manually entering coordinates or printing out cache details on paper while you go about on your ‘treasure hunt’! Not only your geocache discoveries, the Oregon 750 also lets you share your LiveTrack location data with other compatible devices.

A mountaineers’ boon

The Oregon 750 handheld is a boon to the mountaineer as it helps you keep track while climbing vertical planes using its altimeter. So you know your bearings when you climb mountains, its barometer keeps track of the changing weather conditions to warn you about any forthcoming natural calamities. As usual, its compass helps you find your way to minimize the chance and risk of getting lost outdoors!

Capture scenic views

The Garmin Oregon 750 has the additional feature of an 8MP camera mounted at the back of the camera that can be used for maintaining records and memories of your trip. All photos clicked are automatically geotagged so that you can easily navigate back to the exact spot in the future. As soon as you click pictures, upload your favorite pics of your moments, spots and adventures with your loved ones to the Garmin online community.

Rechargeable battery

Unlike its predecessor the Oregon 700, which has no batteries, the Oregon 750 has a rechargeable NiMH pack. If you are not happy with the idea of constantly recharging the battery, you can always remove it and replace it with conventional AA batteries. The Oregon 750 has a bigger 4GB built-in storage capacity while its card slot offers the same 32GB maximum storage space.

Keep connected

The Oregon 750 lets you keep connected with people back home using Smart Notifications via Bluetooth connectivity with a compatible Smartphone. It lets you receive texts, emails, and alerts on your device, and also download software so that you are constantly connected and are able to see whatever goes on while away. The device is also Connect IQ compatible, which means you can use the platform to find the data fields, widgets, and apps you like or even build your own customized apps!

Choose between landscape or portrait view

The 3-inch sunlight-readable touchscreen display of the Oregon 750 comes with dual orientation, giving you an opportunity to choose between setting a landscape or portrait view.

Built for the outdoors

With its rugged and ergonomic design, you can immediately tell that the Garmin Oregon 750 was built for and is meant to be used outdoors. It is sturdy enough to stand strong against dust, dirt, and humidity.

It’s even safe to use around water as it is water-rated to Ipx7. Its additional flashlight function proves helpful in the dark moments of your trip when you appreciate a little bit of illumination some place!


There definitely is nothing wrong with investing in the Garmin Oregon 750 , especially if you are an avid outdoor enthusiast. No matter why you love the outdoors, this GPS will make you love it even more with its many features and wide connectivity!