Well, the idea seems weird as you read it the first time because how can you guide someone about the place you have never visited. But now think for a while, isn’t it possible? Yeah, you might be coming up with the ideas that it is really possible. And personally, I have been doing so successfully. I have arranged tours, and I offered my services as a guide on various occasions, and no one could ever guess that like them it was also my first visit to that place. But before traveling, it’s always a rational idea to get travel insurance. iSelect is the place where you can check various insurance solutions. Let me share the tricks, how you can do that.

Search On Web

Yes, off course, the first place where you can find information about the place is web. Search for the place you are going to visit to offer your services as a guide. On the web, you will find handy information about the place but keep in mind that people who are going with you, also have access to the web and they can also find the same information. And it also happened with me when on tour I relied on the basic information, and when I was telling the group about that location, one of them asked, have you read that information on Wikipedia?

To find the source which can offer you some unique bytes of information. Share that information to let people know that you have more information about that place. Learn about the history and stories attached to that particular place.

Don’t Forget to View Photos

Google Photos and Photos on Social Media can give you a good idea about any location. You can see what are the basic attractions there and what are the best photo points. Most of the times, people on social media and travel blogs share some useful information and tips for that particular location, so note that precious information because that can be handy.

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Explore Google Map

Google Map will give you the best idea about any location. You can view the route to reach that destination and using the Earth View, and you can see what are the attractions nearby like lakes, waterfalls, ponds, ancient buildings, etc. Take screenshots and save them on your mobile phone so that you can view map even if there’s no network coverage at that location.

Google Map also have pictures of the locations. You can see those photos to get more information. View photos make that location familiar to you, and when you visit that location, you can guide the people confidently.

Virtual Tours

Google Maps and other such services also have the virtual tour feature. This feature will be too good for you if you have never visited that place before. Take a virtual tour and explore the location as much as you can. You can get the best idea about that location after view it virtually in a virtual tour.

So using these tricks, you can get enough knowledge about a particular place that you can guide the people even if you haven’t visited that place before.

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