When writing an argumentative essay, you will be expected to present strong arguments that support both sides. You may decide to support both sides equally or to lean more on one side. To help you present arguments that cannot be challenged, you must develop good research skills.

You require a good plan, a detailed outline, and excellent writing skills. What will greatly influence how well you will achieve these goals is the topic you choose. It will help you develop the best ideas for writing your paper. These tips are important when finding good argumentative essay topics.

Search for a debatable topic

Searching for a debatable topic might seem like an obvious thing but it is critical. Remember, you are required to argue from both sides. That means you must support and refute your arguments. Searching for a debatable essay topic will give you an Easy Essay writing experience. The topic must have sufficient advantages and disadvantages.

There must be chances that some individuals will agree with the topic while others will disagree. For example, a topic like “women have more emotions than men” is highly debatable. Some people will outrightly support it while others will refute it. Another topic like “disease-causing viruses can kill people” is hard to debate. You might have all the supporting arguments but lack none of the disagreeing arguments.

Read widely

Another way to find a good argumentative essay topic is to read widely. It is not always easy to create a topic from scratch. You mainly require inspiration from other authors. There are different texts from which you can get various ideas to argue about.

Read books: Books are written by authors with different personalities, experiences, and ideas. When you read them, try to understand the motive behind the author’s writing. Your idea is not to copy their work but to get inspired. Use the inspiration to create an original and debatable topic.

Read essays: Mostly, essays are written by students because they are part of the courses they take. Some students publish their essays for other students to access. If you cannot find any, search for websites that publish free essays for inspiration.

Read magazines and newspapers:

Magazines and newspapers write about what is trending at the moment. It could be the trending news, business, technology, parenting, education, and many other issues. The writers or editors collect information from multiple places to create a complete magazine or newspaper. The more you read them, the more ideas you can get about a topic to argue about.


Every idea that you get during a brainstorming session is important. Write it down no matter how strong or weak it looks. It might look like it is over complicated, far-fetched, or irrelevant. After you have brainstormed and gathered enough topics, you might realize the topic that you want to drop is the most brilliant. You might have written down ten topics during the session. You need to narrow down on the topic and keep dropping more until you remain with one.

Listen to the latest gossip

Every day, week, or month, there is a trending topic or gossip people keep talking about. They might keep talking about parenting, corruption, discovering new planets, or bullying in schools. These are excellent ideas for argumentative essay topics. Go out during breaks and listen to conversations. Go to social media to check what is trending. Listen to the radio, read blogs, or any other source that could have current trends.

Consider what you love most

It is easier to write about a topic that you have a passion for. You might have a passion for college sports, video gaming, or innovation. It will be easier for you to argue for and against if you choose a topic that revolves around your interests. Even if you have ideas about what you love most, research to be sure your topic will have enough points to argue about.

Understand the process of writing an argumentative essay

All essays might have similar outlines but their content is different. The essay writing process follows a distinct structure. You will be required to write an introduction and then proceed to state your arguments in the body and close with a conclusion. To choose a good topic for argument, understand the essay structure. It will help you choose a topic that will help you create a well-flowing argument.

Analyze the prompt thoroughly

Mostly, you will be assigned an essay question or prompt. It contains what you are expected to do and the instructions. The prompt contains key clues about the kind of argument base you should create. If the prompt is touching on technology, know that your topic should be based on technology and so forth.

State your argument

You must understand what you want to argue about. Your arguments will be based on information expected from the question. Stating your argument means defining the points for supporting and the points for refuting. If you find the flow is okay, go ahead with the topic.

Convince your readers

Your readers may have entirely different opinions from yours. It is upon you to convince them to agree with your ideas and drop theirs. When choosing a good argumentative essay topic understand what a convincing idea requires.

It must provide evidence that supports your claims. You may use examples and argue on facts, statistics, or observations. If your topic lacks convincing evidence, consider getting another one. Your evidence must be reasonable which means it must support the evidence. The final part is citations. You must have credible references to cite.

Use other sources

There are many other sources that you can use to get ideas to create a good argumentative essay topic. One of them is to watch movies or TV. Movies and TV programs contain a lot of things that you can learn. It is easy to procrastinate and keep watching while forgetting that you aimed to get topic ideas. What you require is good discipline.

Another source is to listen to music. Music is soothing and has a lot of ideas. However, you must be selective with the music that will help you get ideas. You can also join a discussion group for brainstorming on topics. If these fail to work, get online help from professional essay writers.

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