Avast is the most popular name in antivirus choices for Windows. Although this is the most trusted and efficient antivirus still it comes with a few backdrops. The error is usually seen when the message flashes on the screen — avast background service not running error. The functioning of Avast is an essential feature for the normal running of the PC and thus this needs to be solved quickly.

Is Avast safe?

Many Windows users can wonder if Avast is safe. Because many times it gives us an error “Avast Background Service Not Working.” Well, you don’t really have to worry about it because Avast is one of the most trustworthy anti-viruses out there. It is free as well as secure. More than 400 million people use it and are happy customers. It protects your PC from viruses and malware. There can be other technical reasons behind the error “Avast Background Service Not Running.”

So here are a few methods that you can try to resolve the issue. One of these will definitely work for you, so go ahead and try them out.

How to Fix Avast Background Service Not Running Error 

Here are a few ways that one can follow to solve the problem of avast background service not running error. Let’s have a look at the various ways to solve this error.

Method 1- Running a Smart Scan

The most common solution for all types of malware and outdated programs that should be removed from the computer. All you have to do is to run this scan and see the results regarding all the outdated versions that have been stored on your device. 

Step 1- Open the Avast user interface, click on the Protection button, and select to scan all the devices from the window that opens. 

Step 2- Click on Run Smart Scan and wait for the scan to finish. It might take a few minutes to complete. 

Step 3- Once the scan is completed, you can review the results. By clicking on resolving all you can solve all the problems. Step 4- The next step is to restart the computer after the process is complete.

Restart your computer and you’ll see if you are good to go or not. If not, you should follow the other methods which we have discussed.

Method 2- Updating the Avast Application

After a way to solve avast background service not running error is to update the device. Usually, it auto-updates itself if you have not disabled this feature. The steps to manually update the application are as follows:

Step 1- Open the Avast interface by tapping on the icon from the application menu. 

Step 2- Look for the Upgrade tap in the menu present and you’ll see two buttons with Update text on them. 

Step 3- The next step is to update the application by the selection of both the options one relating to the virus database and the other relating to the app itself.Avast Background Service Not Running

Step 5- Now, most of the users agree that their problem has been resolved after updating the application. 

Step 6- Check to notice if the problem of Avast background service not running error has been resolved or not. 

Method 3- By Using Avast Clean Uninstall

The most assured way to fix avast background service not running error is to clean install it. The reinstall process is easy to perform the task and it ensures the correction of the defect. 

Step 1- Download the latest version of AvastClean by navigating to its link and clicking on the download option available on the website. 

Step 2- Avast utility install also needs to be installed so that you can save it to your computer as well. 

Step 3– Once the download is complete, disconnect your device from the internet and boot into Safe Mode.

Step 4- Open the Uninstall Utility and select the folder in which avast was installed.is avast safe - avast background service not working

Step 5- Now, click on remove and then after the process is complete, restart your computer system.

This method would have fixed the issue in most of the cases, except if there is some big issue. You may use the other methods which we have discussed as well.

Method 4- By Repairing the Avast Antivirus

Repairing is not at all easy, but in case it is successful, you will surely be able to fix the Avast Background Service not running error very easily. Here are the steps that you need to follow.

Step 1- Open the Settings in your computer system.

Step 2- Go to Apps and then click on Apps and Features. Now, find the Avast Antivirus icon and click on it.

Step 3- Click on the Modify button and then click on Yes when the UAC dialog box is displayed.

Step 4- In the Avast window that will be opened, click on the Repair option.

Avast background service not running solution - Repair the antivirus

Reboot the computer system so that the changes may take effect. This method would have surely solved the issue in your computer system.

Method 5- By Switching to the Automatic Startup for Avast

This can be an easy way to fix the Avast background service not running error and you should follow these steps to make it happen;

Step 1- Open the Search bar on your computer system and type in services.msc.

Step 2- Then, click on Services from the list of results displayed.

Step 3- Open the Services window, and find Avast AntiVirus. Double click on it to move to the properties window.

Step 4- In the startup type, select Automatic and click on Apply option.

Step 5- Thereafter, click on OK and reboot your computer system so that the settings may take effect.

Avast background service not running solution - By Switching to the Automatic Startup for Avast

If even this method did not work out for you, then you should use the last method we have discussed in this post.

Method 6- By Disabling the Avast Shield Control

One of the most prominent methods that is used to fix Avast background service not working error is to disable the Avast Shield Control. This will surely fix the issue and you should follow these steps:

Step 1- Right Click on the Avast icon, which is on your taskbar or desktop.

Step 2- Select the context option.

Step 3- Now, click on avast Shield Control and then click on Disable until Computer is Restarted.Disabling Avast shield control

Step 4- Now, reboot your computer system and it is possible that your error has been fixed.

In case you are still facing the issue, then most probably it is high time that you change your services to some other alternative.


These were the different methods using which you can easily fix the avast background service not running error your computer system. Feel free to reach out to us via comments in case you have any suggestions regarding this post.

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