Balloons and inflatables became an important party decoration for small get-togethers and big corporate meetings. It is the easiest way to turn your dwelling into a festive venue for cheap and quickly. However, purchasing your balloons already inflated is not convenient; this is why customers prefer inflating their toys at home.

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These are all the possible ways to inflate your balloons professionally at home.

Air or helium?

Customers usually inflate their balloons with air when making this procedure at home. This way, your inflatables will not float under the ceiling which is great if you need maximum control or if you want to make the inflatables stay in one place.  That way, you can create a garland, an arc, or a pillar with the help of simplistic colorful balloons. And if you use a special plastic stand, you can make a fountain out of your inflatables.

If you want your balloons to float in the air, helium sounds like the right answer. It is a non-toxic gas that is lighter than the air. It is non-inflammable and non-explosive. Helium is sold in cylinders to make the process of inflating quicker and safer. These cylinders are big enough to fill hundreds of balloons with helium, but if you need to inflate only a couple of balloons, this purchase seems a bit unnecessary as it is easier to get them pre-inflated.

Al the possible ways to inflate your balloons

  1. Manually

The cheapest, but not the easiest way, is to use your lungs to inflate balloons with air. However, most households don’t use this method anymore because it is not very effective. You simply can’t inflate too many toys without getting tired and hyperventilating. That’s why decorators usually use special instruments. You can purchase them for your house as well.

  1. Balloon hand pumps

It is the best choice if you are on a budget, perfect for classic rubber balloons, as well as foil inflatables. The only drawback is that you cannot inflate too many at one time because your hands will get tired quickly. Still, you can do it faster and more effectively than by blowing your balloons for hours.

  1. Foot pumps

If you own a vehicle, you understand that a foot pump comes in handy because it inflates quicker and easier. The only drawback is that you have to watch the pressure to avoid over-pumping the inflatable with air and causing it to burst.

  1. Electric inflator

An electric pump or inflator is perfect for working with bundles of balloons. The best thing about this device is the pressure gauge that will help you control the pressure. Although this instrument is rather expensive, it will serve you many years and hours of time, eliminating the need to gather the household and make everyone blow a dozen of inflatables.

How to inflate a modeling balloon the right way

A modeling balloon can be inflated with the help of a special hand pump or with your mouth. You will have to use an expander or do it manually by expanding the rubber with your hands.

You have to inflate the balloon gradually and slowly to avoid bursting. Use one hand to give the inflatable support and control the pressure with the other hand. Slide to the end of your balloon to make the process of inflation even. If you are planning on creating figures and whimsical forms, do not fill it with air completely. Leave a couple of inches deflated. This will prevent your balloons from bursting in the process of modeling because the air will be distributed in all the right areas.

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