Does creating a chart seem like a daunting task to you? Do you feel like your chart doesn’t make any sense and lacks clarity? 

Well, you are not the first one to face these problems. In the business industry, you often have to make a flowchart representing a process. However, it is more challenging than said. 

The good thing is that you can save a lot of time and energy by using EdrawMax — an ideal flowchart maker. If you want to create effective flowcharts or diagrams, EdrawMax has all the features to help you! 

Introduction To EdrawMax

The world is moving fast, and traditional charts can no longer address the growing complexity of business and academic charts. The business world needs an alternative solution to tackle its diagramming needs. Thus, we have EdrawMax — an ideal diagramming program! 

EdrawMax makes it easier to make informative, academic, and business charts. It was designed by experts who considered the demands of the new world. So, it comes with all the options that should be in an ideal chart production software. 

Furthermore, the program also features a user-friendly interface with diverse tools. With this, EdrawMax boosts your productivity and efficiency when creating diagrams and charts. It is an all-in-one diagramming software with advanced tools and frequent updates. 

And wait… there’s more!

EdrawMax outsmarts its competitors by providing its users with a singular template community. First, the software comes with various built-in, pre-added templates to top-notch your creativity. 

However, the template community is more than that. It’s like a whole new social world that connects creators throughout the globe. You can find hundreds of editable diagrams to make your work even easier! 

But can we say the same for flowcharts? Is EdrawMax an ideal option for creating flowcharts too? Before we dive deep into that, let’s first go through the basic guidelines for making a flowchart. You can see the answer yourself by considering the following flowchart-making rules:

Rules to Create A Flowchart

Every diagram has different features and thus requires you to follow its rules. You can create an effective and valuable diagram only by following these guidelines. Moreover, they affect the chart’s physical and informative value.

So, let’s explore the following rules about how to make a flowchart

1. Initial And Terminal Points:

A flowchart relies on a level of structured procedural stages. This ensures that the information on the chart will always move gradually.

So, a flowchart guides you through the process of finding a solution to the problem. Specific start and end points make this “flow.” In other words, before you make a flowchart, you should specify its initial and terminal ends. 

Other than that, every stage in a flowchart has a particular shape. The design of each shape differentiates one from the other on the chart. A few commonly used shapes in a flowchart are rectangles, ellipses, and round points. 

You should remember that it is not necessary to have a fixed solution at the end of a flowchart. You can also have more than one result, which means you can have more than one solution to the problem.

2. Add Reliable Actions:

Many people believe that a flowchart is a sequenced processing strategy. However, that’s not true. When you make a flowchart, you create a roadmap. It displays how everything works in a particular area. 

True, a flowchart is a map of the process, but it requires proper actions to complete the process. In the visual sense, different shapes represent these actions. However, their purpose in a flowchart is more than that. They provide informational value to readers. 

How? Every shape you use in a flowchart has something to represent, a state of action. Each shape has a level representing its importance in the chart. 

3. Use Better Connecting Shapes:

The proper links between shapes make a flowchart different from traditional data sheets. It uses arrows and directional connectors to create “flow” in the chart. This flow, or directional progression, guides the reader from beginning to end. 

You can also judge the flowchart type through the direction of connecting shapes. It makes it easier to categorize the charts into various types. For instance, top-down directional charts are a popular chart type.

4. Add Elements As Per The Chart’s Requirements

Flowcharts aren’t just about putting different shapes to show some sequenced process. Instead, it alters in complexion and appearance as per the integrated information. Therefore, experts suggest all business managers include all relevant components in a flowchart. It helps in making the chart easily understandable, less messy, and eye catchy.

Note that all the components of flowcharts have a certain meaning. In simple words, each shape represents a unique process. So, it’s crucial to know the hidden meaning of the shape before putting it in a flowchart. 

Step-By-Step Creation Of A Flowchart In EdrawMax

In order to create a business flowchart, you must first understand the basic shapes for all the processes. If you know about them, all you need is just software with all the tools in its pocket. So, introducing EdrawMax. It is one of the most popular software of the modern era, specially designed to create all sorts of flowcharts.

If it is your first time hearing this name, make sure you follow all the steps given below. These steps will help you create a complex flowchart in minutes.

1. It’s essential to have an account on EdrawMax before making a flowchart. If you don’t have one, just follow the simple steps below to become a member. First, download this program from the official EdrawMax website. Next, install the software and click on signup. Relax; the process is super simple. All you need is your email address. And Voila! You have an account on EdrawMax now. One more thing, if you want to avoid downloading the program, there is also an online version. It’s for people who want instant access to premium tools.

2. You may have logged in by now. Now, start the program and open a file for making a flowchart. Here is where you get two choices. For people who want to make a unique flow chart, click the “New” button in the menu. It will direct you to multiple flowchart layouts.

On the other hand, if you are in a hurry, click on one of the pre-made flowchart templates. After selecting your favorite one, click “Use Immediately” to get the template on your edit screen.

3. Now, it’s editing time! After getting your layout on the screen, click and drag any symbol of the left menu to add it to your chart. It doesn’t stop there; these symbols are also customizable. So, you can create unique symbols and save them in your personal library for future use. One of the leading reasons for top-notch companies using EdrawMax is its divine editing options. It allows you to add, remove, and replace multiple chart components – making you feel like you are drawing on a whiteboard.

4. Coming to our final step, you have your design ready, and it’s time to save it. Click on “File>Save As>Browse” to choose the destination and diagram’s format. Do you know why EdrawMax is a perfect tool for everyone? It allows you to save your file in 14 unique formats. As a result, eliminating the need for any third-party software for conversion.

Salient Features Of Flowcharts In EdrawMax

Undoubtedly, making a flowchart in EdrawMax is straightforward. But that’s not the only reason why experts suggest it over others. EdrawMax has a unique way of making flowchart creation easier. Here are some of its features providing ease to the user:

  • One Click Customization

When making a flowchart, everyone wants to make it as fast as possible. In that case, EdrawMax serves as the best option. It has the ability to transform the whole chart interface with just one click. For instance, it is possible to alter the entire color scheme with just a click. 

  • Separate Layouts

Flowcharts aren’t just one simple chart. It has various types and designs. But here’s the kicker: You can find all kinds of flowcharts on EdrawMax. All these types are present in three different flowchart layouts:

  • Basic Flowchart
  • Cross-Functional Flowchart
  • Program Flowchart

Plus, this software has a community sharing unique flowchart designs every day. You can pick any template from the community and edit it according to your needs. 

  • Specific Symbols

EdrawMax, programmed to be user-friendly, has included special symbols for flowcharts. Overall, it has more than 25000 symbols in the library, wholly similar to the ideal flowchart shapes. For that reason, it eliminates the need to use any extra software for symbol creation.

Wrapping Up

EdrawMax is a super user-friendly software that aims to assist designers in making flowcharts faster. Plus, its community templates make it even easier to create a perfect flowchart. So, if you are close to your deadline, this is the best software to complete your designs.

Unlike others, it does not restrict you from using its files on other software. That’s why they offer 14 different formats for each design. Last but not least, it provides most of its tools for free. So, all you need is to make an account, and you are all set. 

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