If you’re in college, there’s no doubt that writing papers are part of your everyday life. Whether you’re writing about poetry or the presidential elections, there are some simple steps you can take to ensure that you not only write my paper on time but also have it written to the best of your ability and with minimal stress to you and your peers. In this essay writing guide, we’ll talk about seven ways to ensure that when you turn in an essay, you are confident that it will make a lasting impression on your professor and earn you high marks.

1. Choose an interesting topic

A great way to get started with your paper is by brainstorming some ideas before you start writing. The best thing about this process is that you can do it anywhere – even at the last minute! This is also a good time to make sure that you have chosen an interesting topic. You don’t want to write something too boring or too difficult because then no one will read it. If you’re stuck, take out a word and try substituting other words until one sounds right for your essay.

2. Start with an introductory paragraph

Start with a  hook. The hook will capture the reader’s attention and encourage them to continue reading. Keep it concise, but make sure it contains enough information so that the reader knows what they’re getting into. After your hook, introduce the topic of your paper. Give them a brief summary of what you’ll be talking about and why it’s important. What are the main points? How does this relate to their life? Why should they care? What can they do next?

3. Transitions help link paragraphs together

To make your essay flow well, you should use transitions. Transitions are words or phrases that help connect one paragraph to the next. There are many different ways to do this, so below are some examples of how you can use transitions when writing an essay. For example, if you’ve been talking about natural disasters and then switch to talking about earthquakes, use however or on the other hand as a transition word. Another example is if you’ve been talking about bad things happening and then switch over to good things happening, use although or however as your transition word.

4. Paragraphs should be at least three sentences long

Paragraphs should be at least three sentences long. Each paragraph should cover one aspect of the paper. You can have more than one paragraph per aspect. For example, you may want to write about what your thesis statement is and how you came up with it, as well as how you plan on proving it throughout the paper. There are many other aspects that you could include, such as coming up with an outline and working with sources to back up your points.

5. Avoid using clichés

College is about more than just grades, it’s about way more than just the material that you learn in your classes. The best part of college is getting to meet new people and try new things. There are so many opportunities for students at every school, especially if you’re willing to put yourself out there and get involved. But being involved doesn’t mean that you can slack off when it comes to academics, either. It might be tempting to write papers on clichés like college isn’t all fun, but it’s better to come up with something original and interesting.

6. Edit as you go

You should edit your paper as you go every time you finish a paragraph. Go through the paper and make sure that all of your sentences have the same structure and that all of your paragraphs are set up similarly. If they’re not, it can be difficult to read because you’ll keep expecting one type of sentence or paragraph and then get something different instead.

7. Always check your work

It is very important that you always check your work. Even when you are feeling overwhelmed or tired, it is best that you take the time to re-read what you have written and make any corrections necessary. This will help avoid any embarrassment or mistakes later on, as it can be difficult for someone else to find the mistakes if they are not there!

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