If you derive pleasure from watching movies, web series, and shows, in that case, Netflix is the best platform to meet your satisfaction. Netflix is an enormous platform and one of the leading subscription service providers. If you are a student plus a movies maniac, it might be strenuous to stream movies by spending cash. So if you are looking out for the Netflix student discount, you are in the right place. By the way, if you are in need of essay help for college students, you can find many discounts on such services too, but we will cover this topic in detail in another article. Stay tuned for our next articles. This article is well-curated to enlighten the fact of the matter regarding student discounts for Netflix. So let’s get started.

Netflix is one of the most notable entertainment spots to view countless feature films, animes, TV series, documentaries, award-winning series, TV shows, and stand-up specials along with a broad array of languages and genres. You can browse new titles, and hunt for your favorite shows in any device.

But, one needs monthly subscription fees to become a member of Netflix. The plans range from Rs 199 to Rs 799 per month without any extra cost or contract. Netflix is flexible because there is no exasperating contracts and no adherence. One can easily cancel the subscription in a few clicks, including no cancellation fees.

Does Netflix Student Discount Exist?

However, to reduce the burden on customer Netflix has categorized its subscription plan into four classes; specifically Mobile, Basic, Standard and Premium. Till now, Netflix has not announced about any Netflix student discount feature. Yet, one can lower the cost by altering the Netflix subscription plan to Basic or by using Netflix trial session. It also includes using gift vouchers, or you can switch to other alternatives of Netflix.

You can select the plan that’s right for you and you can also customize it by upgrading or downgrading the plants at any time. One can cost Rs 109 for Mobile, Rs 1499 for Basic, Rs 649 for Standard and Rs 799 for Premium plan.

How To Lower Down The Price Of Netflix Without Using Netflix Student Discount?

If you are a student, then you might have a limited budget for buying the subscription plan. Although, you can manage the cost of Netflix by using some strategy to hold it. Go for the following approach and use it based on your conditions.

1. Ensure to use the mobile subscription plan

Try to make use of Netflix Mobile subscription plan if you want to pay the minimum price. It only cost you Rs 199 monthly. The quality of the video is also good along with 480-pixel resolution. But you can’t browse the videos on your TV or computer.

Instead of that, you have to use a mobile phone or tablet. Only one screen you can watch on at the same time and sharing screen feature is not available. Yet you can cancel it at any time and any place. Overall it is the best subscription plan with budget-friendly mode.

2. Pay the subscription fees by using gift vouchers

If you have acquired any kinds of gift vouchers, or card as a reward through Google pay, try to use it while carrying out the payment of Netflix. Or you can employ a Netflix gift card, but it is not presently available in India. Nonetheless, if one has bought it in another country, one can use it with the same currency as a gift card. Steps to render the Netflix bill through gift cards are-

Step-1: First of all, select “Manage Profiles” and go down at the bottom of the page.

Step-2: Click on “Change Payment Method”.

Step-3: You can use Netflix gift card or AMEX cards, Google Play vouchers or any other coupon.

Step-4: Enter the coupon number and make the payment of your future bill to reserve your money.

3. Use Netflix free subscription with Jio

Currently, Netflix does not allow free trials to stream movies and TV shows for a customer. But it was earlier available. Anyway once you sign up, then you can take all benefits of Netflix which it offers.

Despite that, if you are a Jio user, then you can exploit the advantage of Netflix free subscription scheme. Freshly Jio has launched it’s Jio Postpaid Plus option, where it furnishes the Netflix Mobile plan free of cost. Also, Jio Postpaid Plus plans ranges from Rs 399 to Rs 1499.

4. Divide the cost of Netflix subscription bills among your friends

If you have a group of people willing to spend cash on Netflix, then you can divide the bills among them. It is pretty much easy to have fun, and there is no need to push the limit of your budget.

You can try this process to reduce the cost without doing any task. You must have an option of sharing the screen with multiple users or else it will be not useful for you.

Alternatives of Netflix

If you think that Netflix is exceeding your budget, then quickly switch to other platforms like Netflix. Nowadays many platforms such as Amazon Prime Video, HBO Now, Hulu & much more comes up with student discount option which is boon for a college scholar. Netflix student discount is infeasible so, try to use a Netflix substitute. Take a look.

1. Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is a top-notch platform to stream boundless movies, TV shows, web series & Amazon prime originals with affordable cost. A student can get a free trial for six months, and they can discontinue anytime. Whenever Amazon Prime Video free trial finishes after that, a student receives 50% concession for the next subscription.

There are many pieces of stuff for a student to employ. It comprises of free shipping on goods, photo storage space, markdown on pre-orders. Anyhow you can amuse yourself by taking the premium services into account for free. There are tons of videos based on divergent category for all kinds of audience. You can start it with 30 days of a free trial.

Click here to Visit.

2. Hulu

Hulu has collaborated with Spotify and Showtime to provide economical, entertainment services for students. Hulu is the incredible and vast streaming library to watch thousands of movies, shows & exclusive originals. You can watch movies in various genres from documentaries, thriller, horror to comedy.

Stream full seasons of web series, present season episodes, hit movies, Hulu originals, kids shows and many more. There is no need for any hidden fees, installation appointment or equipment rentals. One can change the plans or cancel them at any time. The subscription plan begins from $ 5.99 monthly.

Click here to Visit.

3. HBO Now

Like Netflix, HBO Now is also a great place to watch a wide assortment of series, films, documentaries and podcast. In general, the cost of the HBO Now plan is $ 14.99 per month, but students can pay only $ 8 to $9 per month without any hidden fees or fix contract.

But you have to give the evidence that you are a student and suitable for this plan. Also, you can go for 30 days free trial. Through the student discount, you can save about $6 per month.

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Final Take

Netflix student discount is an inexistent feature, so it is a wasted effort to look for it. As a student, it is quite thorny to expand costly Netflix plan. Instead, you can use the various excellent replacement of Netflix along with student discount option.

I hope this post turned out to be helpful for you. In case of any doubts or suggestions, let me know in the comments section below.
That’s it.

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