Card games have become a big part of our lives, and we all have played a card game once in our lives. Poker has, for decades, been one of the most popular card games. It appears as a mini-game in video games, as an enduring sign that even within these complex words like Red Dead Redemption 2, the simple card game is a lot of fun. Over the years, some exciting game versions have also emerged, so we have taken time to look at the available varieties. 

The Varieties of Poker

There are different varieties of Poker that you can find offered by an online casino. We will briefly dive into a few popular variants to give you an idea of what to expect. 

Classic Poker 

Classic poker is considered the easiest and is a traditional version of poker, also known as five-card poker. The players each get five cards from the deck of 52. The game will have a round where players can trade up to four cards. New cards come from the pool, determining whether you have a right hand. Strategy is a very important skill with this type of poker because after getting five cards, you must determine which hand you’re going with. The player with the best cards wins the game.


Omaha is considered to be in the sports poker category and is also another popular version you will find in an online casino – be it an Ontario Casino or elsewhere. In the first round, players are given four pocket cards each. Again, the host lays out three community cards, and the first auction happens. The fourth card is placed on the table, and another auction happens again. The fifth card is then placed and comes with the final auction. There is a card showdown and a card selection system with Omaha. Out of the nine cards, two of the four cards will be selected, and three cards from the pool of 5 on the table.  

Texas Hold’Em

Texas hold’em is considered the most popular form of poker. Many online casinos offer it making it accessible to players from anywhere. We are still dealing with a deck of 52 cards, and the game always starts with a mandatory bet. Each player gets two cards to be used throughout the game. The host then puts three common cards on the table; based on them, there will be an auction between the players. The player will either bid, pass or raise. Four common cards are then placed on the table, and an auction happens again then a fifth card is revealed. At this point, we know which cards are in hand. We can then go for the final bid, where it will be revealed who has won the game. The most exciting part of this game is that you can only be sure what the hand will be at the end. 

Omaha Hi-Lou

Omaha Hi-Lou is considered the same as Omaha; the pot on the table doesn’t go to the player with the best cards. We deal with the low and high hands. The A is considered the lowest card. This means this player can take both the low and high pot. 

7- Card Stud

Another popular variation is 7-Card Stud. Each player gets two cards in the beginning; then, each player gets one face up. The player with the youngest card starts the auction, and we get a third open card and bid. On the 6th hand, there is a fourth open card and another bid. The winner is revealed based on the previous cards or all remaining revealed cards. 

We can safely say that poker is the most popular card game, with over 100 million people playing it worldwide. This card game will have you hooked to your screen for hours. 

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