If you own a restaurant or café and want to take it to the next level, you will need to improve the furniture. This could mean buying completely new furniture, second-hand furniture, or adding various elements to make your restaurant look better. If you’re clever, you can upgrade your restaurant by making a few changes to the furniture. Here’s how:

  • Add Booths

Have you thought about adding booths to your restaurant? There is a wide range of options, different shapes, sizes, and colors, so even if you have a small restaurant, you could fit in a booth or two. Not only do booths give customers another seating option, but they also offer seating with a completely different style. Booths give customers a sense of intimacy as if the rest of the restaurant clientele cannot see them behind the booth’s high back. Booths will also upgrade your restaurant by providing plush padded seating that is more comfortable than chairs. For families and groups, booths are the perfect solution. Not only that, but booths can help you maximize your restaurant’s capacity. Choose booths with padded seats and backrests upholstered in an easy-to-clean vinyl or faux leather. Get the booths in colors that match the rest of your restaurant décor.

  • Get Cushioning

There is no arguing that a padded seat will always be more comfortable and luxurious than a hard surface. Whether you want wood, plastic, or metal chairs, you can upgrade your eatery by getting padded seats. You will usually need to order new chairs with padding, but you could also add detachable cushions to your chairs. This is particularly suitable for cane, wood, or rattan chairs and cushions look perfect on outdoor chairs if you have a restaurant patio. You can change your color scheme with detachable cushions without too much expense. If you’ve opted for fixed padding on your chair seats, then you will be given the choice of vinyl or fabric upholstery. Vinyl is the cheaper option and is easier to wipe down and keep clean than fabric.

  • Bar Stools

Add counter seating to your restaurant. Extend an existing counter and purchase a few bar stools. Of course, this is only possible if you have space, but you could add just a few bar stools to a small counter to give customers another seating option. When you choose bar stools for your restaurant, make sure they match the style of your other restaurant furniture. Other points to look for include making sure the bar stools aren’t too heavy to move; they are the right height for the counter; they are comfortable, and they can be tucked in under the counter when they are not in use.

  • Take it Outside

If you have the option for outdoor seating, make the most of it. An outdoor area is an incredible addition to any eatery. It doesn’t have to be a large area; it could be just one or two tables and chairs on the sidewalk outside your café. But you can upgrade your outdoor seating area by adding lush foliage, potted plants, and umbrellas that match your overall design.

  • Use Your Space

The layout of your restaurant has an enormous effect on the functionality of your space, but it also dictates how many people you can seat at one time. Don’t waste your time and energy physically moving tables and chairs around. Instead, get out a piece of paper (or, better yet, use a computer program) to map out your space and try different floor plans without pulling a muscle or straining your back. Have you tried arranging the corner of your table to corner or side by side? Could you fit in more customers if you swapped your tables for smaller ones? Do you have armchairs that are just taking up space? And perhaps your floor plan has enough tables and chairs but is missing decoration elements like pot plants, statues, or water features.

Try implementing some of these ideas to give your restaurant a facelift. It would help if you also considered giving the walls a lick of paint in a bright, appealing color. Nothing makes a room look brand new, like a new coat of paint. With a few changes to your restaurant furniture, a new coat of paint, and the right attitude, you can upgrade your restaurant without emptying your bank account.

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