Gambling and India aren’t exactly a match made in heaven. Whilst the tourist parts of the country host land-based casinos. For much of the population, gambling is prohibited unless it is run by the state.

Despite this, India still remains a big business in the online world. Many gambling operators see it as the final hurdle as they try to push all services into the four corners of the world.

So, why India and how does the online gambling industry plan to succeed?

We formed this article to highlight some of the key facts that surround the current drive to bring gambling back to the forefront of India’s culture, that since British rule during the late 1800s, never reverted back to their old ways.

A Gaming Beast Hits the East

India has one of the toughest laws on gambling, so why do companies from Europe pursue such interest? Well, India holds a population of 1.6 billion people, that’s pretty much the only reason any industry would need.

The growth within India of online casinos has been slower than most, and this is because getting the awareness out there is actually slower when you have such a dense population.

Casino operators only began taking interest in the market in 2018, and it’s still to even peak. In attempts to push the interest of players, you have India’s more powerful celebrities endorsing games and casinos to help raise awareness, but more on that to come.

India is a hub of potential and a majority of those that show an interest will not have gambled before. So, what makes India’s casinos a point of interest?

The Service of Indian Casinos Online

When we say Indian casinos, the fact of the matter is, is that they are actually from Europe. This comes down the to laws of the country. What casinos do to appeal to the Indian players joining is to provide them with traditional Indian games that they may actually expect to find.

India’s more popular games include Teen Patti and Andar Bahar which both can be played as a virtual machine game or as a live dealer card game.

Aside from these, Indian players will have the standard range of games to enjoy. Poker, Baccarat, Roulette, Blackjack, Slot Machines, and Live Sports Betting.

The sports betting option is the one that is gaining more popularity in India primarily because of the cricket that is available.

Cricket is the national sport and even though sports betting is allowed in India, online offers a far greater service. Players will be able to access all test matches nationally and internationally. There are cup games, tournaments, and the services also present live streaming of the IPL (Indian Premier League) so members of the casinos can watch whilst place in-play bets.

India’s Gambling Laws

So, what are the laws that make gambling a headache for players? To be able to access online casinos for Indians, players need to look abroad. The Indian Gambling Act of 1867 hasn’t changed much at all since the Act was first drafted under the rule of the British Empire.

The laws are simpler to understand once broken down. First, the government bans gambling, unless it has state approval. This is how some states of India like Goa and Sikkim are able to build and provide land-based casinos.

Even with approval, games like poker are prohibited inside such sites because it is seen as a game that can be won through skill, rather than by chance.

In India, no business can make online gambling websites, as these challenge the government’s own online platform. This offers scratch cards, lottery, and some games.

For players in Indian to access full casino games and services, they must sign for online casinos that are registered outside of India.

This is a common approach, it’s the only way to play and it is also the same for players in the US and Canada that have to play outside of the boundaries of their country.

Luckily, the laws do not actually ban people from access such casinos. This is down to the fact that no law would be created to control what people can and cannot access when using the world wide web.

The Push for Change in India

As mentioned earlier, there has been a huge stir by the headliners of India’s entertainment industry in the past few years. India has witnessed a slow growth in influencers, actors, and retired sports stars that are now endorsing casinos online.

One of India’s biggest names is Sunny Leone and she is the Brand Ambassador for JeetWin. This platform comes with Bollywood Star Sunny Leone’s own casino game which she hosts and plays live.

Other Indian stars include doing their supportive bit include Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Arjun Rampal, and Bollywood stunner Amy Jackson.

Is it Worth the Gamble?

The surge in interest online has brought into question whether this is all for the good of players or if it will all end badly for them. There are many arguments for and against gambling, but one pro-gambling argument is that of the money that could be raised by the government, which, in turn, can be funneled back into social spending.

In the United States of America, they make a colossal sum of money through taxes. On average, 930 million USD annually. There is a big argument that if India made gambling more legal and accessible, then billions could be raised to help boost the economy and public spending.

All India would need to do is develop proper infrastructure, a commission, and a regulatory board that deals with the licensing and taxation of businesses offering gambling services in the country. This itself creates more jobs. Tax can be taken from winnings and through the licensing of businesses.

The perfect model for this is ironically the United Kingdom, given what happened with the Gambling Act of 1867.

It may still happen, ultimately, money dictates, and given the current financial climate, it seems a risk worth taking seeing as players are going to be gambling online. If brought in-house, it can be regulated with greater security and really make people feel that a contribution is being made.

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