AK-47 is the most economically efficient rifle for terrorists in CS:GO. It is modeled after the famous AKM, the modernized version of the famous Kalashnikov. Quick reload, precise shots, impressive damage, and a low drop-off make it insanely popular. This is one of the most recognizable firearms in the game, but it does not have to look basic. Make your assault rifle stand out with case-hardened skin!

This popular enhancement for AK-47 appeared in 2013 as part of the first skins collection — the Arms Deal Collection. The skins come in different patterns that make them outstanding and unique. The case hardened AK has been around for quite a while, but there are few guides devoted to its patterns. Here is everything you need to know about the AK-47 case hardened in 2021.


Float Value and Prices

Float ranges between 0.00 and 1.00, so the skin is available in all conditions from factory new to battle-scarred. Active use does not cause any serious deterioration of the exterior. You will not see any scratches, but the patina will darken. This is not a cheap enhancement:

  • a basic version costs between $263 and $94;
  • a factory-new StatTrak counterpart may cost as much as $665, while a battle-scarred item is priced at roughly $220.

Where to Buy

Not every platform outside Steam is trustworthy. The best place to buy, sell and trade skins for CS:GO is DMarket, which connects millions of gamers worldwide. Browse its gigantic collection of 1 million+ skins, with attractive prices and guaranteed safety. Over 10 million deals have been completed on this site. Unlike Steam, it lets you trade skins for Bitcoin and fiat currencies plus you can withdraw to a bank account. Over 20 payment methods are supported, from MasterCard to PayPal.

Unique Patterns

The intricate patterns on the assault rifles are made in a cookie-cutter fashion using a pre-made palette. As a result, the patterns are identical, while the colors differ. Each variation of the case hardened AK has a StatTrak counterpart. Note that the quality does not affect the look of the gun. Field-tested items look virtually like brand-new ones.

Which Color Should You Pick?

This is a matter of personal preference. The functionality is the same, but most players opt for the Blue version. It is the rarest, and it is guaranteed to boost the price over the market average.

While you can find weapons described as Full Blue cases, this does not mean that the color covers 100% of the surface. None of the items are entirely blue, despite what the sellers may claim. The richer the color and the more areas it covers — the rarer and more valuable the weapon. Other variations are:

  • silver,
  • gold,
  • purple.

Many users prefer their rifles to be fully covered in gold. Generally, silver is the least popular choice. Only when most of the gun is painted, it is more desirable. Purple is normally found on the edges of the blue coloring. It may look pink in some cases if the space is small. Purple AKs have a unique look, as multiple colors are mixed into a pattern.

Full Blue Magazine

As the name suggests, this skin includes a magazine that is entirely blue. The pattern is identical on both sides. However, most of the color can be seen when you inspect the gun.

Blue Bottom

In this case, the bottom half of the weapon is mostly blue.


The top and the bottom are both 50% blue. This pattern comes in a range of variations.


In this pattern, blue is mixed with purple. The former is seen in blotches of color over the side and the top of the rifle. The pattern may be compared to oil on water.


Here, the pattern looks like flickering flames, but it may also be compared to constellations in the night sky. The jagged color makes this look unique. Some players consider Galaxy and Blaze to be the same thing.

Blue Barrel

The name is self-explanatory.

How to Measure Case Hardened Patterns

When users decide to buy or sell a hardened AK-47, they may want to establish the exact percentage of coloring. Measuring patterns on a case is more complex than evaluating case hardened knives. Many users do not bother to do it on their own. It is tricky and requires photo editing software. Unless you have GIMP, your estimations will be very tentative.

There are two basic ways to assess an AK-47. First, you could look at the pictures from an inventory view. Secondly, you could base your decisions on images from in-game. Neither method is perfect because the weapon has multiple sides.

For example, the top is one of the most important elements, but getting a clear view is tricky. You have to inspect different angles in-game to do this. On the other hand, if the bottom of the gun is blue, an inventory picture could suffice. Unfortunately, there is no ideal universal system.

Scar: One of the Rarest Blue AKs

Many blue patterns exist, but the first version of the Scar is the most popular one at the moment. It has a thin line going across the front of the pattern. The back of the top is covered completely. This is the key selling point, as no other variation has a full blue top with a blue back. You can cover the lineup with a sticker. The pattern index is #661.

Final Tip: Using Stickers in CS:GO

The stickers you acquire by completing different missions can be used to adorn the gun. They may be applied randomly or strategically based on the pattern. Some players prefer to cover up the blemishes on their AKs, so they look for stickers matching specific areas. This makes the patterns appear more consistent. There are plenty of stickers in CS:GO, so you can have fun experimenting as much as you like.

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