We all heard about the unique and at the same time simple interior with space. This style originated in New York, as a creative and bohemian style. The loft is about space, with high ceilings, and large windows. It is because of this that most people like this style so much. To create your own design in this style, a little imagination and inspiration are enough. The best option would be to design a room in 3D because you will be able to accurately display what you want.

Style features

It is rare to see walls or partitions in a loft. Usually, the space is divided by furniture or simple partitions that are part of the interior. Partitions usually do not reach the ceiling, but only create privacy. Partitions can be made of fabric, some designs, or simply divided into different colors, since space is very important in a loft.

Loft style directions

In general, several styles are distinguished in design, and the loft can also be divided into groups:

  • industrial — characterized by industrial motifs, that is, raw metal, aged leather, and objects that are created from industrial materials;
  • bohemian — art, unusual canvases, and musical instruments are characteristic;
  • glamour — luxurious pieces of furniture, mirrors, magnificent sofas, and curtains are characteristic;
  • modern — more elements of comfort, warm colors, and carpets.

All these areas are united by one thing — natural light, large windows and space, simplicity, and genius.


Usually, natural materials are used in the loft: raw concrete, natural wood, and brickwork. In the loft, you should not use wallpaper, it is better to paint the walls. You also need to use a minimum of furniture. No need to bother with restoration or buying new furniture, because this style can accept that some furniture will be freestanding. In design, you can experiment and use different chairs, tables, furniture, etc.

Advantages and disadvantages of the loft-style

Among the advantages, there is an opportunity to save money (do not spend money on the ceiling or walls, wiring can be left open, furniture is not expensive, antique extraordinary furniture is enough), freedom for creativity (this style involves art, so it will be much easier for you to exterminate in such setting).

Among the disadvantages there is open space (this may not be convenient for everyone, especially for families with children), untidiness (it may not be quite habitual for us to live in this style, as we are used to convenience, but this is what distinguishes the loft — unusual and in the same time, attractiveness).


Loft style is about creativity and inspiration. Yes, this option for life is not suitable for everyone, but everyone should live at least a little in such conditions. A loft is a source of motivation and energy, so apartments in this style are perfect for work. Looking at an interesting interior for hours or drinking coffee looking out of large panoramic windows is a difficult choice, but whichever option you choose, you can still enjoy your time.

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