The devil drama is not yet over. Lucifer Season 5 is returning to Netflix in 2020 but this time it’s coming for the last time. Based on the DC comic characters, the final season of Netflix’s Lucifer will air in two parts. Netflix has made the official announcement and fans can’t control their excitement.

Here is what we know about Lucifer Season finale on Netflix, the cast and what you can expect from this last installment.

Lucifer Season 5- Release Date

On 6 June 2019, Netflix announced the return of the final season of Lucifer, which would have a total of 16 episodes. However, it has still not made its official debut. We can expect the first half of the final season in summer 2020, and the next half later in the year.

There are no official announcements made regarding the exact date, but we are hoping that as it is the final season Netflix is postponing the launch. The news was a little bittersweet though for the fans as it is going to be the last season but finally, they are getting a big finish.

Cast Details of Lucifer Season Finale

In the last and final season of Lucifer, Tom Ellis will be reprising his role as Lucifer Morningstar while Lauren German will returning as Detective Chloe Decker. It was also confirmed that Dennis Haysbert will be playing the role of Great Almighty, Lucifer’s previous boss.

Also, other actors like Levin Alejandro will be returning with Lesley-Ann Brandt. In addition, Rachael Harris as Linda Martin, Aimee Garcia as Lopez might reprise their roles.

 Lucifer Season 5 Plot- What to Expect?

There were a lot of speculations and rumors about the final season of Lucifer being split into two halves. It has been finally confirmed that Lucifer Season 5 will air in two half. This is not a common thing that any titles adopts, however it will definitely increase the anticipation of the fans for the climax. If you haven’t seen the previous seasons then here is the trailer released by Netflix before the 4th season went on air summarizing the first three parts.

YouTube video

Also if you are thinking of watching the last season, then spoiler alerts guys.  So to sum up what happened previously Lucifer is the fallen angel who leaves his throne in Hell and Los Angeles. He soon opens a Lux bar where he grants forbidden wishes of several people before he engaged in a murder and ended up being an LAPD contractor.

The demons by Stage 4 compel Lucifer to get back to his throne in Hell as the violent conflicts between him and Chloe ends.

And so Season 5 will be addressing the consequences of decisions made by Lucifer. You can expect a lot of battle scenes as well. Stage 5 should also observe Chloe suffering due to her loss of passion. Apart from everything, Lucifer Season 5 will center around the newfound love which will be quite interesting.

Wrapping Up

Lucifer is returning on Netflix this year with its last and final season. Its fans all around the world are excited as a lot of questions are yet to be answered. What do you think will Eve return in the last season? Will Lucifer return from Hell? Let us know in the comment section.

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