Miss Americana better known as Taylor Swift: Miss Americana, is a documentary that gives an intimate look at the life of Taylor Swift, an American singer-songwriter. Netflix’s 2020 film describes the new chapter of the superstar and her journey filled with love and politics. And so here is the Miss Americana review, and how Swift has tried to change the viewpoint that the audience has.

Swift is coming in power with her own words, her own rules and on her own terms. She is finally getting rid of her apolitical reputation, as she takes on the new journey of loving herself. The documentary released on Netflix and various other platforms on 31st January 2020.

Miss Americana: Swift’s Delectable Journey

In the starting few minutes of the film, Taylor Swift’s defeated murmurs say it all, it’s going to be a deeply personal and emotional documentary. The 30-year old singer has faced adversity at every step, from the 2009 VMAs till now, and Lana Wilson takes us on this entire journey through Swift’s mindset.

Taylor’s life has been a fight with her own insecurities and to live freely without being affected by love, affection and more importantly hatred by others. Her journey to win over this is empowering. The part of the film where you see such a huge celebrity who is adored by millions heartbroken as she realizes that her life is not only about singing and writing songs anymore. It is now about the men she is dating, her clicks by the paparazzi. And the most pivotal and disturbing moment being when she fights with her own people, her father, just to keep her opinion against Republican Senator Marsha Blackburn.

And after all the adversities, Miss Americana gives out the words of wisdom and Taylor’s moments of introspection to the audience. It also about the tender and emotional instances where she talks about her eating disorder, her relationship with Joe Alwyn (some brief moments were shown) and the case of sexual harassment against DJ. All these moments in the documentary gets you connected to the singer easily.

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But apart from the entire emotional and heartbreaking journey, the best part, where the singer truly shines is music. In parts where making music was concerned, the humane side of the singer comes out. She has proved why she is a true rockstar. And the audience could see who real Taylor Swift is.

Miss Americana has shown that it’s not all glitter for the star, as she has fought her way to reach the stardom. She loves to wear pink and at the same time knows to stand up against the double standards, or keep her say about politics.

Taylor Swift: Miss Americana- The Flaws

The documentary Miss Americana had to be about Taylor Swift as a person, what she really thinks, how she is behind the scenes; the real side of the girl after she gets down from her stage. But as the film gets going and you start to feel connected to the real woman, the actor pulls back.

For instance, the part where her mother talks about her fight with cancer seems a bit fragmented. Or the dinner scene with Abigail Anderson, her best friend is also funny. Lana Wilson’s direction seems fragmented and unbalanced in documenting the superstar’s life in such cases. If you know nothing about the singer, then it will become hard for you to keep up with the story.

Only the Young- Political Anthem by Taylor Swift

“Only the Young”, is the only song in the documentary which plays during the end credits.  The song was written by Swift after the United States elections of 2018, however, it was not included in her album Lover.

The song received positive reviews from the critics. Even the name of the documentary is taken from one of the songs from her album Lover. It is a metaphorically meaty song that truly depicts the newly political Taylor Swift and suits best as the title of her documentary.


Miss Americana takes you on the deeply moving and inspiring journey of the “Lover” singer. “Swift doesn’t care what people think anymore” as she moves ahead from her good-girl image. The documentary is fragmented and it feels filtered, but you will enjoy it. So do watch.

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