June is almost coming to an end, and with a new month come a plethora of new shows. So as for Netflix in July 2020, fans will have plenty of movies and shows to watch and get excited above. Next month July, your favourite streaming entertainment service Netflix has already confirmed quite a few premieres and sequels with some whopping 29 different titles set to make their debut.

ESPN’s critically acclaimed documented-series The Last Dance about Michael Jordan and his historic run with the Bulls hits Netflix on July 19th, and the season 2 of Netflix’s hit series The Umbrella Academy will be arriving at the end of the month on July 31st.

So let us have a look over what is set to release on Netflix including new Original movies and TV series to be released to Netflix in July 2020.

Netflix Originals Coming to Netflix in July 2020

Netflix Originals on July 1st

Abby Hatcher (Season 1) 

It is an animated kids series with 32 episodes which involve a young girl and her fuzzy friend heading out for adventures.

Anne Frank – Parallel Stories (2019) 

Helen Mirren narrates various stories of women who survived the holocaust.

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A Touch of Green (Season 1)

This one is a Taiwanese war drama series about the story of pilots and their families in WW2.

Chico Bon Bon: Monkey with a Tool Belt (Season 2) 

Animated adventures with the clever monkey.

Cleo & Cuquin (Season 1) 

Animated series for kids.

Killing Hasselhoff (2017)

Ken Jeoung and David himself star in this comedy which is about a nightclub owner who resorts to desperate measures to pay off a loan shark.

Under the Riccione Sun (2020)

It is an Italian romantic teenage drama movie.

Unsolved Mysteries (Season 15)

If you love murder mysteries then it is a reboot of the classic series which is documented and looks into six different stories of murders that never got solved.

Winchester (2018) 

It is a biopic where Helen Mirren stars.

What’s coming to Netflix on July 3rd

Cable Girls (Season 5)

It is time to bid farewell to the most anticipated Spanish period drama series. It is going to be the final season and will be about phone operators in Madrid.

Desperados (2020)

JU-ON: Origins (Season 1)

If you liked The Grudge, then you are definitely going to enjoy the next chapter coming to Netflix in a serialized Japanese format. The series follows a paranormal investigator who is headed to a cursed house and the rest is history.

The Baby-Sitters Club (Season 1) 

Netflix will kick start the brand new Baby-Sitters Club series which is set to modernize the format of the show set in the mid-90s.

July 4th

Hook (Season 1)

Netflix on July 5th

The Underclass (Season 1) 

What’s Coming to Netflix on July 7th

How Do You Know (2010)

This one is an ensemble rom-com that features Reese Witherspoon, Paul Rudd, Owen Wilson and Jack Nicholson.

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July 8th

Mucho Mucho Amor: The Legend of Walter Mercado (2020) 

This is a documentary on a well-known Puerto Rican television personality who is known by his stage name Shanti Ananda. The documentary has already premiered to critics who generally loved it.

Stateless (Limited Series)

It is a new Australian limited series that stars Yvonne Strahovski about a detention centre.

July 9th

Japan Sinks: 2020 (Season 1)

It is one of the biggest anime series that follows different families displaced following the earthquakes. It is adapted from the science fiction novel from Sakyo Komatsu.

Netflix Release July 10th

The Old Guard (2020)

Another major summer blockbuster set to hit Netflix is The Old Guard that features Charlize Theron. The show is about a team of mercenaries exposed and fighting to keep their identifies secret.

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Netflix Release July 16th

Fatal Affair (2020)

What’s Coming to Netflix on July 19th

The Last Dance (Limited Series)

EPSN documented-series on the Chicago Bulls takes you to the in-depth of Michael Jordan’s life. It will be finally made available in the US.

Netflix Release July 24th

The Kissing Booth 2 (2020)

Another popular rom-coms on Netflix, The Kissing Booth 2 is back in the air. This time Noah is off to university and Noah is now a reformed bad-boy. Vince Marcello also rejoins the sequel.


Netflix Release July 31st

The Umbrella Academy (Season 2)

The Umbrella Academy finally returns to Netflix for its second innings.

After the literal world-ending events of season 1, the series is going to pick it up where they left off with more adventures with the dysfunctional family.

Wrapping Up!

So what is your favourite Netflix original you are looking forward to watching on Netflix in July 2020?

Let us know in the comments.





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