Are you running a small business? Then you might think how to make it more eco-friendly. Your environmental impact might not seem to you a big deal, but people buying your products don’t see things that way. So, facing with environmental crises, people are starting to become “greener”. Businesses across the world started to analyze more the need to improve their recycling because people started to become concerned in terms of climate change and its effects. Therefore, they’re changing their purchasing habits.

Global Land & Ocean Temperature Anomalies 1980-2020

Temperature anomalies show the difference from the normal or baseline temperature. Since 1980, the annual temperature departure has been constantly positive. In 2020, the ocean and land’s surface temperature showed irregularity (0.98° Celsius). Temperature anomalies are usually more essential in climate change studies than the complete temperature. When the average temperature is calculated, some factors like elevation station location may have a crucial impact on the results but be less critical in anomaly calculations.

Global temperature has been continually changing, with 2021 being the hottest year. Climate change can affect regional temperatures to vary across the world. For example, the Antarctic region is the most affected with continuous loss of sea ice.

Other surveys showed that 57% of their respondents said climate change entirely caused them to reconsider their buying habits, and almost 71% said they’d set goals to buy more sustainable products in 2022.

Sustainability is important for consumers of all ages and groups, with at least 75% reporting that it’s mildly to incredibly essential to them. Consumers care about their environmental impact and have adapted to shop from sustainable brands. A 2017 study reveals consumers’ responses when businesses support environmental issues—source: Forbes

Here are some takeaways:

  • 87% of consumers will have a much better opinion of a company that supports environmental issues.
  • 92% are likely to trust an eco-friendly brand. 
  • 68% of millennials have bought products with a social environment advantage in the past year.

These studies, among others, confirm the fact that consumers are expecting more businesses to be engaged in the process of making a positive impact in terms of environmental matters. More people have become concerned about the future and admit that a change must be done immediately.

So, it’s clearly a good thing to become more sustainable as a company and understand the current carbon footprint. Every business is different, so it makes sense to create unique eco-friendly goals.

Provide Remote Work

As much as you would like to enjoy being surrounded by your team of workers, there is less need for people to be in an office day by day. As more projects and work can be done online, businesses have taken off over the past couple of years, allowing employees to handle work from home. It’s a much more sustainable alternative that helps reduce their time spent commuting. And it’s great for the environment, too! Fewer cars on the streets (wasting time in traffic) and less CO2 emissions into the air. It may seem like a small change, but it helps reduce traffic and a company’s total carbon footprint. Furthermore, with fewer people in a physical office, businesses can save money typically spent on lighting, heating, stocking, and other supplies in the workplace.

Use More Sustainable Products

The most obvious way to select a sustainable product is to look at its ingredients. Check the products made from natural fibers that don’t contain harsh, synthetic chemicals. It’s a small step that all businesses should take and be proud to show their movement towards a better environment.

According to the EPA, chasing sustainability means developing and maintaining the circumstances in which people and nature can coexist in prolific harmony and support now and in the future. Implementing sustainability in your business can be challenging but the right thing to do. Too frequently, many business owners don’t feel motivated to consider themselves eco-friendly. If they’re not 100% sustainable before showing it to the world, they won’t proudly announce it.

While no one should greenwash, taking small steps to become sustainable should be celebrated and proudly spoken about. There are some items a company buys to make sure their workplace functions well, like cleaning products, printer paper, etc. But they’re all dangerous to the environment due to the process that goes into manufacturing them.

Office managers should be more aware of the importance of recycling and browse through the wide range of Miltek balers & compactors. Plastic, cans, glass, metals, and general waste shouldn’t be thrown in the same trash container. Retailers, shopping centers, supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, and so on must consider minimizing their waste.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

The best way to keep waste out of landfills? Never send it there in the first place. Companies should reduce the usage of products that can’t be recycled as much as possible. Instead of disposable cups, they could also start using real glass and ceramic water bottles, cans, bowls, and other alternatives. Reuse items whenever possible; instead of throwing out boxes, they could be used to store certain things. All businesses should encourage their employees to use both sides of the printer paper.

Where reusing/reducing isn’t possible, recycling is the next best thing. Many companies have adopted recycling and provided bins for this, making recycling easier. The workplace is the perfect place to implement eco-friendly rules and turn food leftovers into the soil.

And because businesses generate waste, they can contribute to pollution and waste reduction by taking the above steps and information into account. For some, it might be about waste paper, but for other businesses, it may be about toxic waste that requires special handling. Regardless of the type and volume of waste your business produces, it will cost you money, and it will destroy the planet, in some way or another.

So, the bottom line is that preventing waste comes with massive benefits.

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