Do you ever just want to book a plane ticket a visit a foreign country? You are not the only one! Our minds and bodies need a break from time to time in order to grow stronger. That’s why people have vacation days they can use when they want to spend time not worrying about work obligations.

There are so many hidden and underrated gems in the world. First of all, you need to figure out whether you want to visit a more tropical and hot destination, or you simply want to explore nature and do some sightseeing in a colder environment?

If you prefer the second option, you’re in luck. The Scandinavian Peninsula is probably the most visited island on the entire planet. People often want to visit Norway, Sweden and Finland. These are probably some of the most beautiful countries in the world with so much to offer.

Let’s say that you want to visit Norway. While Oslo is a very popular tourist choice as the main capital, maybe you want to try something else, like Molde, for example. It is a city that has a lot to offer to each tourist. Follow the link for more interesting information

General information about Molde

Attracted to this charming Norwegian town by the natural beauty of the surrounding landscape as well as the depth of historical past on offer, are plenty of tourists. All you have to do is see pictures online and you;ll instantly fall in love with it. The plethora of attractive sites and architecture in Molde makes taking a tour around the city a real pleasure.

Along the way, you may stop at a number of beautiful cafés and restaurants, go shopping, or simply enjoy on one of the numerous spacious avenues. If you are really into shopping, Molde won’t disappoint you. You will be able to find a lot of interesting brands for very reasonable prices and take a couple of pieces of clothing back with you.

The food is amazing as well! You don’t often get the chance to taste foreign cuisine and tasty dishes made with various rich ingredients!

This village looks to have been created expressly for taking leisurely strolls around the streets. “The Girl with Roses” fountain, also known as “The Girl with the Roses,” functions as the city’s emblem, and it is located near the town hall. You should know that the town of Molde has an exciting secret to tell you: despite the fact that the atmosphere is rather cold due to Norway’s cold climate, you will find an abundance of roses growing in this town.

This fountain system is centered on a beautiful young girl who is holding a large bouquet of roses in her hands, which is shown in the middle of the system. The fountain originally opened its doors in 1971 and has been in operation ever since.

The Cathedral, which is ideally positioned in a commercial plaza, is Molde’s most recognizable architectural feature. Due to the fact that the bell tower rises to a height of 50 meters, it is plainly visible from all parts of the community. The cathedral was built in the middle of the twentieth century, and it was planned by the architect Finn Breen, who was also responsible for the design of the rest of the building.

In its place, a modest wooden church erected in the late 1600s stood for a time, but it has since been dismantled, leaving the site of the snow-white cathedral. Because it is less elaborate than its exterior, the inside of the cathedral does not suffer from a lack of aesthetic appeal. The university’s buildings are embellished with beautiful artwork and stained glass windows.

Perhaps the most recognizable architectural feature in Molde is the town hall, which was built in 1966 and is the oldest building in the city. Upon first sight, there is nothing odd about this structure; however, the most distinctive aspect of the town hall is its roof, which has been turned into a magnificent rose garden. If you want to take in the beautiful view from above, head to the Varden observation point. A spectacular view of the town, snow-capped mountain peaks, and ferries, which appear to be exceedingly little from such a high height, may be enjoyed from this vantage point by travelers.

Another thing you can try is walking around on Varden’s observation deck which will be a pleasant way to get some exercise and enjoy some fresh air. Once upon a time, the area in which it is located was the starting point for the city’s tourism beautification initiative.

A bird’s-eye view of all of the city’s major attractions is provided from the observation platform, which is positioned at an elevation of 407 meters above sea level. In good weather, it also affords views of 222 mountain peaks. Just think of all the magnificent pictures you can take along the way. Your friends will surely be jealous.

There is an incredible natural feature known as the Troll Church, which is located inside the municipal boundaries. The cave, which is composed entirely of marble, is a renowned tourist attraction in the area. The illumination in this cave gives the impression that it is a scene from a fairy tale storybook artwork, thanks to the careful installation of lights. Tourists have notably benefited from the construction of a number of pedestrian bridges and viewing platforms in the area in question.

In close proximity to the hotel lies the breathtaking Mardalsfossen Waterfall, which is well worth the trip. At a height of 297 meters above sea level, the cascade towers over the surrounding terrain. While on your way to the waterfall, you’ll pass through some of the most breathtaking natural beauty on the planet. These natural treasures are only visible to tourists to Molde during the summer months, when the weather is warm.

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As you can see, there’s so much to see in this beautiful town that you’ll hardly find the time to rest. But, the point of any trip is to make the most of your time there. Surely, you don’t want to spend more time in your hotel than outside exploring the city.

But, the most important question you need to ask yourself is how to check out all of those tourist attractions and not waste time along the way. If you only rely on taxis and buses, there’s a chance that you’ll miss out on plenty of trademarks, hidden gems and other important monuments and places.

So, in a situation like this, it is best to consider renting a car in the town to help you move a lot easier throughout the town. This way, you can go and arrive anywhere you want on your own time, you won’t get tricked into paying more by taxi drivers, and you can make as many stops as you want or need to. How amazing is that?

You are not the first nor the last person to choose to rent a car in a foreign place. A lot of people do it and they find the experience to be incredibly practical and efficient. Here’s what you need to know more about car rentals:


No other vehicle can provide you the comfort and convenience than your own car. But, you can’t always bring your car with you, especially if you plan on traveling overseas. However, you can always decide to rent a vehicle after finding a licensed and reliable rental shop. It will grant you convenience in a way that you can use the car for as long as you’re staying in the town, without having to rely on public transport the entire time.

Even if some of your plans change, and you need to leave the hotel sooner rather than later, you have the rented vehicle at your disposal at all times. You can wake up whenever you want in the morning without having to stress over whether you’ll catch the bus or not. How cool is that?

When traveling to new and exciting places, every minute of the day matters. The point is to witness as much beauty as possible. Public transportation can sometimes take twice as long to get you from one place to another. Not only will you feel frustrated from wasting time, but chances are that you won’t see a lot that day. If you have definitely decided on visiting Norway, more precisely Molde, make sure to bring thicker clothes with you!


Is there anything more comfortable than sitting in a car and driving? Some people simply adore driving. When on vacation, you need to put your comfort first. This means that you also have the option to choose the vehicle you want to rent. You can try different models until you find the right fit for you or your entire family.

Another thing that’s great about rental cars is that you won’t have to be crammed with strangers. Taking the bus can be a nightmare, especially during a pandemic. Chances are that you won’t be able to find seats in the bus, and you’ll end up spending the entire ride standing. This can quickly ruin your mood and tire your legs, which is not something you want right from the start of the day.

While driving a rented vehicle, you can adjust the seats however you want, while at the same time making sure there’s enough room for your legs. Not only that, but your back won’t hurt because you control the shift of your seat. One the bus, someone might complain behind you that your seat is too low.

Discover hidden gems

Some bus tours don’t cover everything you want to see. Plus, riding a taxi all day long to see as much as possible is incredibly costly. What if you want to see is half an hour or even an hour away? Therefore, renting a vehicle allows you the freedom to see any hidden gem the town has to offer. You can make multiple stops to take pictures, spend some time in nature, do some sightseeing and use the bathroom any time you want. What is better than that?

There’s more to every city, town, country or state than just the most popular tourist attractions. It’s the hidden gems that can make the entire experience even more amazing. Renting a car will cost you as well, but not as much as paying for taxi fares and bus tickets. Plus, you have all these additional benefits that will definitely convince you to rent a car once you arrive at your destination. So, don’t waste any more time and make sure to find a reliable and licensed business to rent a vehicle from. It’s best to do this in advance.

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