College life can end up being stressful and overwhelming for many students. Having lots of assignments to write, books to read for your exams, and group projects to work on can easily stress you out. The time we all have in a day is limited and how you manage it is crucial. But sometimes, even though your time management skills are exceptional, you may end up being really crowded.

Thanks to the evolution of technology, students now have access to a lot of free resources, but they can also get the help of professional writers online. There is a hot debate around this topic. While some advise you to work with a good essay writing service, others might advise you against it. So, why is collaborating with professional writers so controversial?

Which are the real pros and cons of doing this? Just like any other action or decision, you may make; this comes with pros and cons too. So, let’s discover them together!


Skills Improvement

Many students let themselves be defeated by the huge list of requirements they need to follow to submit a written paper as the teacher expects. Many others do not trust their writing skills, and others may even say that they love writing. Using essay writing services allows you to work with skilled and professional writers that can face any writing challenge.

Having contact with domain professionals allows you to get tips and tricks, but also learn from them. This is something you do not have access to in college and having someone to guide you through the process of writing boosts your skills. Their papers can serve as an inspiration as they will be the perfect essay examples.


When you are loaded with tasks to write and studies to read, you will surely feel that the time you have is just not enough. Many students delay working on their essays until it is too late, so they end up having to write a lot of them and not having the time they need to complete all of them. Using essay writing services helps you be more efficient.

You can delegate some of your tasks and save time to work on more complex ones. Or, you can use that time for studying. Either way, essay writing services help you be more efficient and submit all your papers in time.


Many students imagine that a professional writer from essay writing services will do the entire job for you. But many of them know they can help and guide students to master writing skills, so they encourage them to start working on their research.

Not only actually writing the essay is a part of this process, but also research, organizing notes, and quoting appropriately. And the research part is very important because it helps you support your ideas with facts and stats. So, using essay writing services helps you improve your research skills.


Expensive Services

Everyone knows that students are living their college life on a budget. They want to do so many things that they even choose to eat less to have money for traveling. Well, many of these writing services might be way over your budget. Indeed, it takes time and skills to write an essay, but many of these prices are not justified. And if you choose a cheap working service you can afford, you may end up with a low-quality paper that will make a bad impression on the teacher.

Grammar and Spelling Errors

When you use essay writing services, you expect to get a top-notch and high-quality paper. Delivering essays free of mistakes is essential for your grade and teachers pay great attention to this. Well, many essay writers you may get to work with do not have excellent grammar skills. Delivering poorly written papers with lots of mistakes will make you regret you spent money on these services. This is one of the biggest cons of using essay writing services.


The problem of plagiarism is a popular one in universities and colleges. It is not a new one, but it is something that comes with severe consequences for those who do it. Students might not be so aware of the fact that they can even get expelled or suspended because they have plagiarized. These written tasks aim to help you develop your critical thinking, but also research skills. Copying someone else’s ideas is not ethical and it is something that must be avoided at all costs.

Well, because it is your academic progress and performance at stake, you should know that this is an important con of using essay writing services. You may end up submitting a plagiarized paper without even knowing. Some writing services commit to offering original papers to their customers. But few of them actually purchase a plagiarism tool to help them check their papers.

Ending Note

There is a hot debate around whether you should use or not essay writing services. It is like any other decision: it comes with pros and cons. You need to weigh them and decide if working with a writer you have found online is the right thing you should do. In some cases, the pros may weigh more than the cons. They help you save time for studying or accomplishing more complex tasks.

They can help you improve your skills because you have some examples and guidance from professionals. And they surely boost your research skills if you get to work with a writer that wants to help you become better at writing.

On the other hand, in some moments the cons may be heavier than the pros. The idea of getting suspended or expelled because you submitted a plagiarized article might not be what you want. Paying a lot of money for getting a paper full of mistakes is neither preferred. So, analyze all the risks you expose yourself to if you choose to use essay writing services and decide if they are worth it.

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