This article talks about what is Spotify and how can you get Spotify Premium. Who doesn’t know about the spotify app? Recently, the app has gained much popularity worldwide. Yes, each one of us only wants to go for the Spotify app for its musical entertainment. But, why? Spotify does not only serves you with an extensive collection of songs but, it also has the amazing library for the music videos.

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In this article, we will try to answer some of the frequent questions and will also try to know about the spotify premium and how to get it?

What is a spotify?

Spotify is the digital music streaming service. It allows you to access the lacs of songs, videos and podcasts too. Spotify has no limits when it comes to the variety and genres of songs. Artists from all over the world have their songs listed here. So, why shouldn’t Spotify become your favorite? It was founded in 2006 and since that year, it has never looked back. With each and every passing year, the platform has seen growth only. 

It is no doubt that spotify is making millions per day. The artists who sell their songs and music videos paid an awesome price. and , the best part is, you are not bound to use the spotify premium. Yes, if you want to just go with the music with no hassle, go for it.

What is the spotify premium?

But, coming to the spotify premium, it is the paid service on the platform that offers you more than the usual spotify features. The songs and many other services are entirely free of cost on Spotify and it is not mandatory at all to go for the premium plan.but, in case, if you want to, you must look for the variety of plans available to choose the best-suited for you.

How much is spotify premium?

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Spotify premium offers you a number of plans from which you can choose the best one. The subscription plans have so many variations for you to choose from. Spotify has divide the range of plans in many categories. You can go with any of them that suits you the best. 

The subscription plan for Spotify premium is competing with the Apple Music which is offering exactly the same subscription plan.

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But, how much is Spotify premium, exactly? The straight answer to this question is, $9.99 for a month. It allows you to listen to more than 35 millions of songs. Accessing the songs offline is an added feature. Also,you can watch amazing music videos too.

Spotify family plan

Do you want to use Spotify with the parental control feature? Is it possible? Definitely, it is! Spotify has a family plan made for the parents. One account can be used by the six people that belong to the same family. You can avail the same at $15 only which is divided into $2.50 per person for the six people. 

Spotify students plan

If you are a student, you can avail the specific plan of $4.99. The Hulu subscription is an added feature for the spotify premium. And, you can enjoy the Showtime membership too. If you are already using this plan, make sure to register again after one year to continue with the same. If you fail to do so, you can no longer be able to use the Hulu membership plan. Also,you need to pay the entire amount for subscription then. 

Spotify plans in India

Spotify has different plans for India. You can avail the plans for different spans of time. Let us go through the plans that Spotify has offered in India. 

  • 1 year: Rs 1,189
  • 6 months: Rs 719
  • 1 month: Rs 119
  • 3 months: Rs 389
  • 1 week: Rs 39
  • 1 day: Rs 13

And, its specific plan for the students allows you to buy it at Rs 59 only for 1 month. You can also visit the link, for more details. 

How to get the spotify premium plan? 

Getting the premium plan for the spotify needs you to follow a particular procedure. The steps are extremely simple.

1: Go to the link for the official website,

2: now, you need to create an account if you have not created one. And, if you already have an account, simply login.

3: then, go to the Account option.

4: now, you need to click on the “Edit profile option”.

5: in this step, set your country as India.

6: after doing this, you need to go to the trail page.

7: at last, you can select and go for any of the plans that we have mentioned above. 

Isn’t the procedure is so simple? This need you to follow seven steps only. And, the spotify offers the excellent services so, you don’t have to worry about any difficulties.

Why should you go for the spotify premium?

Download the songs

The most appreciated feature of the spotify is, that you can download the songs from it which is impossible with the free spotify. Simply, download the spotify premium and subscribe a plan. Like a song? Download it and listen it anywhere without caring for the internet services or availability.

High sound quality

The another reason is, you can get the songs in the better quality. Who does not want to listen the songs in the high-quality? Everybody does! In fact, it creates a difference in your ears too. With spotify premium, you can get this feature.

Allows skipping of songs

With spotify premium, you are not restricted to listen to any song. It allows you to skip as many songs as you want. So, get a spotify premium and skip a boring song.

No ads

And, last, but not the least is, you will get rid of those irritating advertisements. Yes, just like the premium feature of any other application, you will get rid of ads at all. What can be better than this feature? It worth paying your money for the premium plan.

Final words

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Now, you know the benefits as well the variety of plans that you can avail with the spotify premium. Choose your plan according to you and enjoy the music of your choice. The spotify premium is the best music platform.

Having a music application is nothing new to the world. We already have so many applications around such as Apple Music, Deezer, Pandora, SoundCloud, etc. Along with so much of the competition that already existed in the market, Spotify still manages to grab the first place with its awesome services and plans. The app is easy-to-download and never fails you to impress you. 


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