Gaming is the whole new world. You can see the extreme passion for gaming around yourself mostly, in teens. Are you a gamer yourself? It’s great! With each passing day, the gaming industry is expanding and Twitch is just another addition to it. It is the huge platform for passionate gamer who want to sit and enjoy looking at people playing games. But, do you want to stream on Twitch? 

If yes, then, you must know that, Twitch is for you too, right? Anybody can use it. All you need to have just some good skills and equipment. 


What is twitch?

Twitch is the live streaming video service introduced for gamers. You can just sit and watch people playing their favorite games and making awesome scores. You can also watch talk shows and many more. Around 15 million people on a daily basis uses the platform as a viewer. The fact is enough to tell you the basics about the popularity of the platform.

Things you need to have to stream on Twitch

Streaming on Twitch is not an easy task. There are multiple things that you must have prior to making an account on Twitch. At first, we will look up to things that we need to have and then, we will move forward. 


You definitely already have a PC but, to stream on Twitch you need to have good quality hardware. The recommendation from Twitch itself says to use an Intel Core i5-4670 Processor with Windows 7 and 8GB RAM. this is the least you should have. 

Another thing, you must have is, graphics card, especially, if you are streaming the PC games. The graphics card that support Direct X10 is ideal. 

Make sure to have a strong internet connection. Streaming from desktop is ideal as compared to the laptop or mobile screens. This makes your upcoming things easier. But, for high-end streaming, you should not go for the PC. 

You can also go for gaming consoles. It lets you stream without using any PC. Either of the PS4 and Xbox allows you to stream directly. You don’t need any software or added devices. 

A good streaming software

Streaming software is the most essential part when you are streaming using a Computer. 

  • OBS: There are a variety of software available for the same purpose. But, the Open Broadcasting Software has no match. Yes, this software is completely free and the topmost choice for the best content creators on the Twitch platform. 
  • vMix: This software is ideal to use when you are confident about yourself and your skills. 
  • Xsplit: You may not want to go for this one as this software offers you the best services but, only with paid subscription. 

Also, you must be aware of the fact, Twitch is going to launch its own software which will be available to you very soon. So, you must be ready!

Camera and Microphone

While streaming, you cannot just ignore the audio and voice quality. It plays a crucial factor to enhance your performance and reactions from viewers. Obviously, nobody wants to listen or watch you if you are not audible properly or the camera quality is not at the level. 

You can try the Samson G-Track Pro, Zalmon ZM-Mic 1 or even Blue Yeti Nano. The performances of these microphones are commendable. The audio quality matters when you are doing a commentary session for a game. 

Coming to the camera, it is actually a good upgrade for your audience. You can try Razer Kiyo, Logitech HD Pro C920 and Microsoft Lifecam HD-3000. These are the most suggested ones. 

An account on Twitch

1. For desktop, and go for the Sign up procedure. You need to fill out the details they are asking.

2. For mobile,

Go for the Twitch mobile application to make your account. It is recommended that you must sign up with your mobile number and then, add an email ID.  

How to live stream on Twitch?

with Xbox

joystick for gaming

1: first of all, you need to download and install the official app for Twitch.

2: when you use the app for the first time, you will get a six digit code. Enter the code on

3: enable the microphone and camera in settings. 

4: for fine-tuning your settings, follow the process. Settings, then Account. Then, go to the Privacy Online Safety > Xbox Live Privacy > View Details

5: now, you need to go the game content.

6: there are two options, “You can share content made using Kinect or another camera” as well as “You can broadcast gameplay”.

7: visit the Online status and History and select “Everybody”.

8: just add a title and start broadcasting.


Before making an account, you can go for making some changes in settings.


  1. Go to the settings.
  2. Visit System.
  3. Turn it on, when watching the content from online services.
  4. Turn it off, when you are streaming.

Set your devices:

You need to set up your devices. Visit settings and then, devices. There, you can change settings for your camera and microphone.

Audio Sharing:

Follow the commands to enable the sound after launching the game. On your controller, press the “Share” button and then, go for, Sharing and Broadcast Settings > Broadcast Settings > Advanced Settings > Audio Sharing Settings 

Enable Chat:

Now, you need to enable the chat in the settings.

  1. After clicking the “share” button, You will be asked to select the platform.
  2. Go for Twitch.
  3. Now, to connect the console to your account, simply scan a QR code on your screen or by entering the code on the link,

Select the suitable title for your screen and enable the camera. At last, you need to select the output quality, you can initiate broadcasting. 


using phone for twitch streaming

1: You will definitely need to download the Twitch app.

2: login to the app. Complete the two-factor authentication.

3: on the upper left corner of the screen, you will see a profile image button. Select it.

4: a screen appears with “Go Live” button. Press the same.

5: now, you need to give your live stream a proper name.

6: from the drop-down menu, select the “content categories”.

7: select the camera.

8: now, you can share the link of your live stream.

9: Press the “Start stream” button.


computer for twitch streaming

We have already mentioned two-three software, you can go with any of them. I will help you with OBS studio. So, now, you need to install the OBS studio software. After you are done with the installation process, you will be asked about whether to run or not the auto-wizard configuration. In this situation, go for the manual setup.

Now, follow the settings as File > Settings > Stream in OBS Studio. After that you will need to choose Twitch as your service. At this point, you can do the two things.

1.You can connect your Twitch account to OBS studio. You can do the same with only login information.


2. You can also connect to Twitch using the stream key. For that, you can go to settings. Then, go for channel and videos. You need to copy the primary stream key from there to paste it into the OBS Studio. 

Add the audio sources

OBS Studio recognizes the audio sources automatically most of the time. But, you can find the audio sources manually too. Follow the File>Settings>Audio. Then, you can find the devices. 

Add the video sources

For the video sources, in the main panel of the OBS Studio, you can find the sources field. Click on the “+” button. A menu will appear. You can add a variety of sources from there only. 

At last, you will need to make some changes in stream settings as per your choice. 

Now, you know that if you want to stream on Twitch, it is nothing complicated. You can do so by following the methods mentioned above.   


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