The Battle of Giro Helmets: Ionos vs. Atmos

Giro Helmets: Ionos vs. Atmos

Giro is widely popular among cyclists who need high-end protective gears like helmets and other accessories. Giro has created the best helmets in the world with trademark features like their air cooling system and lightweight structure. They say that the only brand name that can beat Giro is Giro itself. They are constantly inventing and infusing different new technologies to create the best helmets cyclists need.

The two helmet products from Giro which have been compared to each other most of the time are the Ionos and Atmos helmets. There have been issues and arguments about the two leading helmets created by Giro on which helmet is the better. Is it the Ionos helmet which is more expensive or the less expensive Atmos helmet?

In terms of weight and the comfort that the helmet provides, there are lots of reviews that say Ionos is lighter and more comfortable than Atmos. According to reviews, Ionos is apparently 10% lighter than the Atmos helmet. This is probably due to the sub-frame of the two helmets. The Ionos helmet uses composite materials for its outer shell lining which is generally lighter than the carbon fiber used in Atmos helmet. Both Ionos and Atmos helmets are guaranteed to provide high resistance from impact.

Both Ionos and Atmos equally have an In-Mold Technology it uses. In-Mold Technology is a system used by Giro to use the external shell and the inner lining to provide optimal strength and impact resistance. In relation to the reviews comparing the Ionos and Atmos helmets, the users say that Ionos is stronger than the Atmos since Atmos is easily damaged even with low impact.

The Wind Tunnel technology innovated by Giro is also present in both Ionos and Atmos helmets. The Wind Tunnel technology is a tool used by Giro to provide increased airflow by using several external vents on the helmet. These vents are in charge of airflow through the tunnels and into internal channels to provide cool air.

Giro is known for this technology that bagged them the trademark of helmets having a superior cooling system. Although Atmos has 26 vents than the Ionos’ 21 vents, reviewers say that Ionos is more effective in providing cool airflow than the Atmos. The Ionos is said to provide 15% more airflow than the Atmos.

The most important factor considered by the practical cyclists who are budget conscious in buying helmets is the price of these two helmets. Ionos is basically more expensive than the Atmos helmet, but this is probably because Ionos has its winter kit included in its package. The Atmos helmet is indeed less expensive than the Ionos helmet but based on the reviews of other cyclists, Ionos is way better than the Atmos in terms of comfort, cool airflow, and better fit of the helmet on the head.

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