So many amazing sporting events fill up the calendar each and every year making it easy to let some events slip through the cracks, but there are many which are simply unmissable and you will kick yourself for forgetting.

From football to horse racing, each year comes with its own additions of traditional tournaments and competitions throughout sports, making history and breaking records. So although it may seem impossible, don’t forget to mark these sporting dates in your calendar if you don’t want to miss out on great opportunities to support your favourite teams and players as well as soak up all the action with friends and family while possibly placing a bet or two..

The FIFA World Cup – 21st November 2022

As we all know football is without doubt the most popular sport throughout the world and within it there is none other than the FIFA World Cup in which around half the world’s population tune in at some point during the month long tournament to get a taste of the action. Whether an avid football fan or just intrigued by the festivities, the event is simply unmissable and a great opportunity to get involved in sports betting with the best bets daily.

Although it is argued that the World Cup it’s not the greatest display of football talent and this can be awarded to other tournaments that take place around the world, it is without a doubt the most popular event due to the sheer number of people that watch and the money generated every four years that the competition comes around, with the next event being held in Qatar, 2022.

It’s inclusive nature is what makes it so popular as it has been held a total of 21 times and in 17 different countries allowing fans and teams to soak up the cultures of multiple cities around the world and give each a shot at hosting the phenomenal event which adds billions to their economies.

The Grand National – 10th April 2021

When it comes to tradition it is hard to beat out horse racing events as many famous races date back over 100 years and each come up with their own traditions that make them so attractive to racegoers. One of the most popular of which is right here in the UK – the Grand National – being held for 181 years since inauguration in 1839 and since then has only become increasingly popular with avid racing fans, spectators eager to get in on the events festivities and those who can’t resist a great excuse to place a bet.

The Grand National now attracts a viewership of around 600 million people from all over the world, being broadcast in 140 countries as well as tens of thousands of spectators flooding to Aintree every April to watch the races firsthand. Not only is the event a great excuse to place a bet and watch the excitement of the races unfold, but the traditions also include being able to dress to impress amongst celebrities and royalty.

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