Getting new windows might be challenging, especially for Canadians who have never dealt with window replacement. You should choose a window style, right frame, colors, and overall design to complement your exterior. But how do you go about that? Since you are here, you have done the right first step – start making a market analysis!

While you have a lot of information from different sources telling what will work best for you, our team has managed to contact real window experts from Ecoline and ask about essentials to know when shopping for new windows. And our analysis has shown that when it comes to easy-to-use units with optimal ventilation and energy efficiency, awning windows happen to be the best. Want to know why? Keep reading to learn all the details!

What Makes Awning Windows the Popular Choice In Calgary?

In terms of style and versatility, awning windows have made a name for themselves as the preferred choice of architects and ordinary homeowners alike in Calgary. These units are sleek, modern and offer a traditional look that complements and matches your house design. Awning windows are easy to customize to your preferences and fit almost any rough opening. That makes them very competitive even with the best-sellers among homeowners like casement or sliding windows.

Areas Best Suitable for Awning Windows in Your Home

You might be wondering about the strategic areas in your home best suited for awning windows. That is why we have compiled this list to briefly explain where your new awning units will work best.

  • Living Room: While it is more common to choose picture or casement windows for your living room, many Calgary homeowners like to use awning windows combined with other window styles (fixed commonly) to allow more ventilation and daylight coming to your space.
  • Bedroom: Due to the window structure, awning windows are best suited for your bedrooms because they can remain open to allow fresh air in, even when there is rainfall. Enjoy the rainfall sounds while keeping your space safe and dry.
  • Kitchen: Due to the flexibility of the design, awning windows are the best option to incorporate into your kitchen. They can fit into any angle and any space to provide proper ventilation during cooking.

Frame Materials Best Suited for Your Awning Windows

When making a window choice, one of the vital things you should consider is the frame that best suits the window. Factors you might want to consider are durability, insulation characteristics, and structure. Some of the standard frame options include fiberglass, aluminum, and wood. However, nowadays, Canadian homeowners choose Vinyl since it is the middle ground for any window, awning style included.

What makes Vinyl the Perfect Frame Material for your Awning Window?

Vinyl is the only frame material that gives your window the classy and while remaining reasonably priced. Vinyl needs no introduction as it is common with the majority of the buildings here in Canada. Here are the unique characteristics of Vinyl that makes it the right frame option for your window:

  • Unlike other frames that need to be maintained from time to time, Vinyl doesn’t require painting or any other form of maintenance.
  • The insulating characteristics make it the favorite for homeowners who strive for energy savings.
  • It has a perfect look that adds beauty to the home.

Awning vs Casement vs Sliding Windows – What to Choose?

Well, this is a common question among many Calgary homeowners who want to upgrade their units. But the thing is – there is no definite answer of what to go with. Every house and design requires a particular window style that would work best. Moreover, you have to analyze your goals and preferences before installing any window mentioned above.

Go with awning windows if you want:

  • A perfect look to match almost any exterior
  • Good ventilation
  • Replacement on a budget

Casement windows will work best if:

  • Energy efficiency is your top priority
  • You are after traditional windows to complement your interior and decor
  • You look for increased safety

Sliding windows are your go-to units if:

  • Ventilation is your main reason for installing new windows
  • You want to save some space
  • You are after a great, unobstructed view outside

How about the prices?

Well, the price tag is probably the number 1 concern for many homeowners, especially those on a budget. But with all that being said, new windows would not be cheap, that’s for sure. But no worries, window replacement is perhaps a once in a lifetime journey. Great units will serve you at least the next 25 years, but that’s only in the case of installing quality units that are Energy-Star rated, tested, and correspond to industry standards. Look at the below to learn the prices for the most common window styles and compare them to awning windows.

Location Casement Awning Sliding
Basement $535 – $1,022 $471 – $1114 $394 – $1057
Bathroom $446 – $1,032 $432 – $943 $394 – $1033
Bedroom $444 – $1193 $893 – $909 $437 – $1521
Bonus room $676 – $1134 $494 – $944 $820 – $1248
Dining room $550 – $1348 $843 – $1429 $669 – $1957
Family room $605 – $1999 $621 – $1157 $490 – $1131
Foyer $858 – $1999 n\a $465 – $778
Front $583 – $1014 $483 – $1414 $785 – $968
Garage n\a $703 – $902 $391 – $1085
Kitchen $329 – $1356 $419 – $1471 $394 – $1595
Living room $484 – $1614 $485 – $1384 $433 – $2327
Master bedroom $545 – $1304 $588 – $1120 $452 – $1810
Nook $549 – $1149 $734 – $920 $658 – $1142


The awning windows are great and have many benefits such as great design, versatility, proper ventilation, and protection, which happens to be the best qualities a window can possess. Awning windows also come with optimal energy efficiency, which makes them a popular choice in Canada. But make sure to deal with the right window company to make a correct installation for you. A reliable installer should always follow CSA guidelines and your local building code.

If you’ve got plans to carry out window replacements and add value to your home, awning windows would be a perfect choice. They will not only help you cut down on energy bills but bring comfort and peace of mind for many years to come.

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