TomTom is looking to make a name for itself in the sports and fitness market. The TomTom Runner GPS watch is one of its first products in this segment. It combines a light and water-resistant design with an intuitive interface by combining an accelerometer and GPS into one.

TomTom Runner GPS Watch
TomTom Runner GPS Watch

The TomTom Runner GPS watch is light and the built quality is excellent. It tracks your runs and then uploads the data to one of many fitness sites. It works both outdoors and also on a treadmill. The built-in sensors count your strides so you can monitor your pace and distance. It helps that it is waterproof so if you are caught in the rain while running is not a problem. An optional Bluetooth Smart Heart Rate Monitor is also available to assist you in training within the right zone for weight control, performance or speed.

Weighing just 1.75 ounces, the TomTom Runner is comfortable to wear all day even when you are not on your runs as the time and date are always on the screen. The 1 x 0.85-inch display is large enough and is scratch and impact-resistant. It is available in three colors: turquoise, pink and dark gray.

You can easily sync data captured during the run with a fitness site, such as MapMyRun via a┬áproprietary docking connector. Although it comes with Bluetooth there is no wireless option to do this. With TomTom’s QuickGPSFix technology you can find your location quickly to begin your running routine. The vibration alerts helps you stay focused on your run.

Runners, marathoners and sprinters will find the TomTom Runner GPS a good workout companion.

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