The Garmin Nuvi 2789LMT caters to those who want a full-featured large-screen GPS. With so many new vehicles being manufactured every day, I believe there will never be enough GPS navigators to satisfy the different needs. It comes with some nifty features like pinch to zoom, but up-to-date maps are absolutely at the top of the necessary list. I spend a lot of time on the road traveling major highways, seldom used byways and little-known backroads. That means most of my routes are covered by the Nuvi 2789LMT’s preloaded City Navigator for North America, including Mexico.

About the Product

Garmin Real Directions and Real Voice help alleviate the stress caused when what is said is misinterpreted by the GPS. I like to concentrate on my driving and the activity around me, not scream at a system that doesn’t understand my request. The nüvi 2789LMT is like having a friendly guide along for the ride. It displays buildings and landmarks while talking me through the route before I miss a turn or run through a stop sign. It’s amazing to discover how many traffic signs are hidden by overgrown trees, bushes, and twisty curves.

Garmin offers a free Smartphone Link app that allows connectivity between an Android or iPhone and the Nuvi 2789LMT. The existing data plan is used by the navigator to share and compare previous and current trip information and details. Imagine how convenient it is to find the care in a multi-level parking garage without a hassle! That feature is included in the link.

I really like the ability to verbally activate the navigator and tell it the destinations and addresses I want it to remember. Another plus is the built-in Bluetooth that permits hands-free talking thanks to the integrated speaker and microphone.

Comparison of Garmin Nuvi 2789LMT and Garmin DriveSmart 70LMT

Garmin has a wide variety of products that offer similar essentials and assorted extras to make it easier for consumers to find what they want. The Nuvi 2789LMT and Garmin DriveSmart 70LMT are perfect examples. Free lifetime updates, a 7” screen, and multiple destination routing are features I like in each. They both have map coverage of all 50 US states, Canada and Mexico. Garmin Nuvi 2789LMTalso has access to maps of Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands.

There’s no need to wonder about what’s intriguing to see in the area. It was a surprise to find out each system has millions of points of interest to share, supplied by Foursquare. The widescreen feature makes it easier to read what’s being displayed. Bluetooth phone capability is available on the Nuvi and DriveSmart. I was impressed they each provide user-efficient text-to-speech and voice control, and disappointed that neither has digital audio playback or a photo viewer. Battery life and microSD are identical. Garmin Traffic provides traffic information while Dynamic Content Services supplies the Smartphone Link. With the exception of additional maps in the 2789LMT, it appears that Garmin provided the most popular feature in both units! Selecting between the two comes down to a matter of personal preference.


Screen size delivers a highly visible display.
Maps are easy to read.
Pinch to zoom display


The company determines the lifespan of each product, so “lifetime map and traffic (LMT)” features is misleading.
Awkward size for a small car or truck.
The suction cup can lose its grip, causing the unit to fall off the dash.


The seven-inch screen, ease of messaging, and user-friendly voice make the Garmin Nuvi 2789 LMT as welcome as a fresh breath of air. Its menu interface is simple to use and helps negotiate routes and traffic through unfamiliar areas. Connection with Foursquare adds knowledge about shopping areas, good places to eat, and the closest gas station to your position when that information is required. My number one reason for recommending the unit above most other systems is the easy communication between driver and system that makes using it a pleasant, helpful experience virtually every time.

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