Big face watches aren’t exactly new. It’s rather a standard that appeals to watch enthusiasts who prefer wearing flashier and larger-than-usual watches to their workplace, weekend activities, and everywhere unless they are wearing a suit and tie. This just proves that big face watches aren’t a one-time craze, but much more than that.

Diesel is one of the few brands that have successfully pushed demand for larger watches, ushering in bold new styles that attract consumers across different demographics. It has blurred the imaginary line that used to characterize what a big watch was and separated it from the rest of the market offerings. For the past few years, the brand has come out with very fashionable options, with each Diesel watch standing out for its unique and instantly recognizable features.

What’s the Big Deal? How Big is a Big Watch 

The definition of a big watch is somehow subjective. But, it’s valid to think that any sports watch that measures beyond 44mm and a dress watch that is more than 40mm in diameter fall in this category. However, how big a watch is shouldn’t be solely defined by its diameter, but the case thickness as well. You should also factor in your wrist size as what may look just right for the other doesn’t mean that it will look appropriate on you. Overall, your choice boils down to your preference and the one that you can confidently rock. With that said, discover some 5 tips to wear big face watches.

How to Wear Big Face Watches With Style 

1. Match your watch with the right outfit. 

Even with the absence of rhinestones and other intricate details often seen in women’s watches, men’s watches often look more staggering. Therefore, buying a big face watch should be just as important as matching it with the right outfit.

If you want your watch to be the highlight of your overall look, opt for clothes with a clean silhouette. Falling in this category are well-fitting clothes that ride snugly on every curve of your body. For easier watch-and-outfit pairing, you may also want to limit your selection within watches with classic colorways like black, white, silver, and blue.

2. Choose the right materials 

While some brands offer stylish, big face watches, there are only a few that offer classic-looking pieces that are relatively affordable without looking like it. In many cases, it’s because of the materials used.

Therefore, other than leather, you should consider watches with gold or silver-tone bracelets. Meanwhile, black, white, green, or blue looks great on the dial. Overall, what you need is a watch that is fashionable as it is strong and durable.

3. Wear dark with dark; light with light 

Just as you wouldn’t wear running shoes at a business event, you also don’t want to wear a watch that doesn’t match your outfit. Play it safe by matching the color of your watch with that of your clothes: dark with dark and light with light.

If you’re out for the day, a watch with a light-colored face like white or cream is a safe choice. But, at night, opt for a watch with a darker dial, preferably gray, black, or brown.

4. Skip the bling 

The large size of your watch, alone, is already a cry for attention. Wear one with gemstones and other blings and it will distract from the rest of your outfit. It also doesn’t help that too many diamonds and jewels have the tendency to make a watch appear more feminine.

Blings should have little to no place in a well-dressed gentleman’s wardrobe. Avoid them completely if you’re not sure whether you can rock them.

5. Don’t wear the same watch every day 

No matter how good-looking your watch is, there are several reasons you shouldn’t wear it every day—probably the most obvious is that one watch rarely matches the variety of outfits you’ll wear in a week. Plus, giving your watch a break will help it last longer.

It pays to have a small collection of watches that you can wear to all the places you’ll be in during the week—the office, gym, dinner out, etc. Good thing, Diesel watches are relatively affordable and they don’t fall short in terms of the quality and style you’re looking for in watches within the price range.


The beauty of watches is that no matter your preferences, you’ll find a watch that matches your style and personality. While you will find most men’s watches in the 38-42mm range, there are plenty of reasons to go up a little in size.

Diesel offers surprisingly good build watches with remarkable quality and functionality. Its cases are mostly made of stainless steel, many of which are presented in reliable leather with fair softness and durability.

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