Each famous app we use daily has a grand history behind it, and TikTok is no different. Indeed, it seems as if TikTok has been around forever, but that’s not true. Initially, the app’s name was Musical.ly, and the videos there were mostly of the dancing/lip-synching kind, and nothing more. By now, TikTok has established itself as one of the most popular apps, and it boasts a great deal of TikTok likes and followers. Solid proof for this claim is that businesses and brands recognize the enormous marketing potential TikTok offers and hurry to be a part of this developing sphere; wishing their companies would also benefit one way or another from TikTok’s success.

TikTok Vs. Musical.ly: How Much Has Changed Ever Since The App’s Name Was Updated?

Although it’s not called Musical.ly anymore, sounds are still an essential part of the TikTok experience. This article will discuss how to implement sounds in your videos to make them as engaging and fun to watch as possible (should you prefer not to buy TikTok followers instant). Once you’re aware of the several ways to add sound to your videos, you’ll get more likes, views, and shares for that.

1. First things first, you can record your voice and apply it in your videos. The sense of hearing provides additional value to your TikTok videos. Any experienced TikToker/social media influencer will tell you that sounds mean a lot and help to put your viewers in the video’s ‘mood’ in a way that no other video effect would do it.

2. Another option to integrate sounds in your video is playing a song in the background. You can either use TikTok’s songs’ library and find your best-match from there or contribute the desired song section yourself. One often underestimates the power of popular songs to make their videos popular. For one, when you decide to use some song that’s identified with some TikTok challenge, your viewers will already feel comfortable watching your video since they’re familiar with its concept. If you’re brave enough, you can also take advantage of this familiarity and use the well-known song in a completely different context and video concept.

3. Have you had enough of the popular songs on TikTok that everyone plays in their videos? You can take conversation parts from real life/ TV and find a way to include them in your videos, making them much more creative and inspiring.


We wrote this article to emphasize the significance of sounds in TikTok videos. Many people do not take it seriously, and their videos do poorly for that. Now that you’re smarter and aware of sounds/songs’ advantages, you can do better. Another great tip to upgrade your TikTok videos significantly: take into account that when you play songs in a video instead of conversation segments in a language that not many TikTokers speak, your videos get much higher chances to become trending, and even reach the ‘For You’ page. If you find any song you like, you can save it to your Favorites and use it later in your video.

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Yuval is a content writer and editor at SEOMADEZ LLC, a company that manages a handful of sites selling digital goods. If you ask him, the best recipe for writing spot-on articles is playing a favorite album in the background; in Yuval’s case, it’s definitely Kings Of Convenience’s ‘Declaration of Dependence’.

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