Create Strong Google Shopping Ads and Watch Your Sales Grow

Google is an excellent tool for discovery, whether you are looking to learn new information or to find a product or service you are interested in buying. Business owners know how critical it is to have your product be one of the highest-ranked pages on a Google search result, however many are unfamiliar with Google Shopping. Today, many brands are utilizing Google Shopping ads to generate new leads for their business without having to worry about where they appear in a standard Google search result.

To run effective Google Shopping ads, it is best to work with an experienced digital marketing agency that specializes in making the most of your ad spending. If you are considering investing in Google Shopping ads, here is what you can expect.

What is Google Shopping?

Google Shopping is essentially the cross between an ecommerce store and a traditional Google search. When you search for a product via Google Shopping, you will receive results from various ecommerce sites and brand pages. Contrary to popular belief, you cannot actually buy anything from Google Shopping, nor is Google Shopping considered an ecommerce store.

Results that appear on Google Shopping can be viewed as extensions of normal Google ads, only in this case, they display product information such as a photo or details rather than just text. Customers will see a product and read the description before choosing to continue to that product’s ecommerce store.

Google Shopping ads are a great tool to get customers because they provide direct access to your product. Customers searching on Google Shopping are already expressing interest in your product; therefore the conversion rate for ads on Google Shopping is much higher than a traditional Google ad.

What Is in a Google Shopping Ad?

Within each ad are elements that marketers can use to highlight the most important features of their products. This space is large enough that marketers are able to give meaningful information that directs customers to click into the store to make a purchase.

These ads are considered “rich media”, which means they can include video or audio to attract customers’ attention and deliver them more information than can be expressed through text. It is important for marketers to use this format to their advantage and really attract customers to click into the website. These customers are high-quality leads and you don’t want to let them get away.

It is good practice to include all relevant information about your product in the Google Shopping ad, such as price, size, and key features. Google will allow customers to sort by elements such as pricing or size. Customers can also see your store’s rating and if any customers have left comments about your site. Make sure your customer service department is on top of maintaining a good store rating. Otherwise great leads may move right past your product.

With over 76% of marketers directing the retail search ad spending towards Google Shopping ads, it’s clear that the platform is an essential part of growing sales online. If you are curious about improving your ads or getting started with Google Shopping, consider using a digital marketing agency.

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