If you’re looking for new ways to market your grocery store, the first thing you consider might be product sales, free samples, or elaborate displays. While these methods may prove effective, you should remember that your competitor all employ similar strategies. 

Incorporating attractive and unique promotions across your store would be better to help you stand out above the rest. One of the best ways to bring attention to your store while standing out from competitors is to focus more directly on your produce department. 

Make Familiar Foods More Exciting and Enticing 

While the produce section contains many staples that most families can’t live without, it isn’t exactly the most exciting section of your store. However, when you consider how most of the fruits and vegetables in your store are both highly delicious and extremely healthy choices, it may be hard to believe they aren’t among the most popular options among customers. 

The reason, of course, is that these foods take more work to prepare than their pre-made canned or frozen alternatives. They also do not enjoy the expensive advertising and branding campaigns provided by the companies that produce those alternatives. Consequently, anything you can do to bring more attention to your produce section can bring a welcome sales to boost to these items. 

Highlight Healthy Choices

Fruits and vegetables present healthy options. In an age where obesity is a major health concern, you can market your store as health-conscious by attracting more attention to these healthy foods. Meanwhile, you’ll be able to boost sales on items that aren’t otherwise getting much attention.  

New Display Tables

High-quality display tables send a clear message to your customers that your produce quality is also high. One of the best ways to attract more customers to your produce section is to replace old display cases with a bright, new alternative. When you add new produce display tables to your store, the entire environment will appear cleaner and more attractive. 

Produce Samples

Many stores habitually offer free samples of new products, especially over the weekend. Allowing customers to taste your wares right in the store is an effective tool for enticing them to buy an item to take home. Given how useful this tool is for promoting new products, you might want to consider using a similar strategy to promote more familiar products as well – namely, those in your produce section. 

Recipe Ideas

Along with samples of fruits and vegetables that taste great fresh, you can promote more items and engage customers more deeply when you offer samples of appealing recipes. After all, an eggplant might not seem very attractive to those unfamiliar with cooking one. But a taste of eggplant parmesan or a traditional vegetarian moussaka will surely gain more attention. 

With the rising prices caused by inflation, selling fresh fruits, vegetables, and other items in your produce section is more of a challenge than ever before. Start promoting your produce more effectively by upgrading your display tables, then try these other ideas to help bring more attention to your grocery store. 

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