According to Statista, the number of smartphone subscriptions worldwide is over 6 billion. And this number is set to grow further to several hundred million in another few years. Looking at this from an iGaming point of view, there’s a big market to tap into. That’s why serious online casinos have a dedicated mobile casino app for an array of their games, including free mobile slots. 

These games are available on your device and, most importantly, in the comfort of wherever you are. All you have to do is ensure you have a solid internet connection. But what are the elements in and around mobile slot games? We go deeper into aspects such as game choice, payment methods, and game quality. 

Game Choice

Packing an entire game library into a single app is a big ask for any online casino. But not impossible. At least not with the ever-changing technology. This hurdle forces iGaming sites to limit the number of games they can offer to mobile users. 

This may come as a disappointment, but many online casinos generally list the most in-demand games on their apps. Slot games rank as the most popular games, and it comes as no surprise considering how simple they are to play. 

Game Quality

Whenever you mention mobile slots, the question of quality comes into focus. And there’s substantial reason to question the quality of gaming on mobile. The biggest reason is performance. Mobile devices aren’t as powerful as computers in terms of processing power. Plus, the screens are way smaller compared to PC screens. 

Thanks to improved technology, developers are now closing this gap. Games are now more attractive and advanced in terms of graphics and overall gameplay. Another important aspect is the internet connection. A weak connection will result in overall poor game quality. But as long as you have a strong connection, you can expect smooth gaming. 

Internet Disconnection

Gambling on your smartphone or tablet could introduce internet connectivity issues, which may end up costing you money. Such problems could be worrisome, and we understand why that would be the case. No one wants to see their hard-earned money disappear because of an internet connection. 

Losing connection could also be due to a dead battery. Given how we’ve become mobile zombies submersed into our screens, it wouldn’t come as a surprise if you end up immersed in the game and forget about the battery percentage. 

Thankfully, these are problems game designers have already factored in when developing mobile slot games. One developer that seems to address this problem quite well is Microgaming. This game studio’s releases remember where a player left off in the event of a disconnection. 

Payment Methods

There’s only one way to win real money, and that’s by playing with real money in the first place. That means you need safe and secure banking options to choose from. Not just on your PC but also on your mobile device. 

In most cases, the same lineup of payment options in the PC version is available on mobile apps, allowing you to get in on the action while on the move without worrying about payments. Some casinos even offer promotions dedicated to players who use their mobile apps to deposit funds. 

Transaction security shouldn’t be a concern, given the same measures used to secure transactions on PC apply to mobile users. But what you want to add is another layer of security on your phone. Enabling fingerprint recognition or passwords are some of the ways you can secure crucial information such as card numbers and passwords. 


The ability to enjoy gambling, whether on free mobile slots or real money games, is an emancipating feeling. It’s a convenience that comes with it. Simply whip out your device, and at the click of a button from the comfort of your pajamas, you’re in the game. If you’re a player who’s always on the move, mobile slot games are your best way out. Still, on mobile slots, the technology is only but a few years in. That means there are plenty of frontiers yet to be explored. Therefore, it can only get better. In the meantime, enjoy gambling responsibly on your mobile device. 

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