A lot of times due to our busy schedule we miss out on the important events happening around us. If you too are looking for apps where you can catch up with the live streams and various news shows, then you should consider installing one of these best Kodi News addons.

Kodi has become one of the most popular media streaming platforms. And now you can also stream live news channels, debates, and various talk shows. And with everything available on Kodi, if you are thinking of cutting your cable cord, then maybe now is the time.

Best Kodi News Addons

There are tons of Kodi live TV addons, but these are specifically suitable to stream news covering all fields like technology, fashion, business, finance, market and much more. So check them out.


Whenever you are in a hurry and want to catch up with what’s happening in the world around you, then just have a look at the videos by Newsy. It is a free website popular for the short-form news videos that it provides to the users. These videos are useful when you don’t have much time to watch TV and so can quickly catch up with the daily news. Newsy is a minimalist cable news channel which works 24 hours and mainly focusses on the facts, rather than opinions with limited emphasis on the analysis.

And so if you download and install the Newsy Kodi addon then you can have access to the clips from the website as well as from the free live TV channel. You can find it in the Kodi’s official add-on repository.


Another Kodi addon to watch news covered by the local channels is NewsON. It hosts about 18 stations that are distributed in about 90 different markets of local channels. NewsON, however, is the addon suitable for people residing in the United States because it carries news broadcasts only from the U.S. And so in case you are not able to find the right news channel on any other addon then you can consider NewsON.

Many people have reported that while the streams found on NewsON work sometimes, they fail to load other time. It has an impressive library of the news streams so we would suggest you try it yourself and download the content.


The Haystack.TV works by finding news which is trending from sources like Vimeo channels and YouTube. So it acts as a news aggregator which categorizes the content into trending headlines like entertainment, news, science and technology, video games, business and finance, movie trailers and late-night shows.

The videos hosted by Haystack.TV is only 2 to 3 minutes long which is a benefit for those who want to know about the various happening events taking place around the world in a short and simple way.

Fox News

The Fox News and the Fox Business News are two cable channels that are quite popular. However, they are not generally available without paying for PS Vue like premium streaming services. There are a YouTube channel and a website maintained by the Fox News where you can get the clippings of the programs hosted by the channel. You can even get access to all these clips through the Fox News Kodi addon.

You will find four sections in the Fox News addon. In the first section, there are clips of news shows organized by the channel, while the second section consists of clips that are organized by category like tech, politics, science world, travel, and other. In the third and fourth section, you will find clips from the Fox Business News that are categorized by show and category.


While most of the news channel focuses on events happening at both the national and international level. But if you are looking for an addon that keeps you abreast of events that are happening in your state, city or local area, then you should consider Livestream addon.

There are various local news stations and channels that broadcast their news shows to people all over the world by using the Livestream software. You will get access to various local channel streams and much more. From all over the world, the addon boasts more than 250 streams right now.


Pluto.tv provides more than 100 channels, which include over 13 news channels. It is undoubtedly one of the best free over-the-top TV services that provides news clips and streams from Today’s Top Story, NBC News & MSNBC, News 24/7, Cheddar, TYT Network, CBSN, RT America, Bloomberg TV, Business News 24/7, and the European version of CNBC.

Here you will also find the live streams from Newsy, Newsmax TV, Sky News, provided you have the individual add-ons installed on your device.

PS Vue

There are various news channel add-ons that are free, but some of them charge you a minimal subscription fee to access the live streams. Some of these addons are The Fox News and the CNBC from the U.S. And if you prefer the latter news addons then you can consider PS Vue addon for Kodi that charge some fee to access these streams. The packages range from price $39.99 to $74.99, which depends on the non-news channels that you want access to.

You can also make a list of your favorite news shows and record it. All the recorded shows will be stored in the cloud so that if you miss it for the first time you can access it later.

New York Times Video

Looking for complete vide coverage of food, health, science, travel. Real estate sports, technology, and business then New York Times Video is the option for you. It is amazing Kodi addon to watch the news as it puts great emphasis on in-depth investigation and high-quality reporting with cinematography and music.

Yes, here you will not get the regular, boring statements of facts. So if you appreciate news and videos with artistic flair you will definitely enjoy the content offered by this addon.

BBC iPlayer

The BBC iPlayer Kodi addon is available in the official Kodi repository. And it is one of the best add-ons for news if you are lining in the UK. Apart from the regular channels of the network, you can also access the streams from two other live news channels i.e., BBC News and BBC Parliament.

The BBC News brings you headlines from domestic and foreign levels, while the Parliament channel brings you the detailed reports of the latest ongoings from the legislative chambers of Britain.


Another news channel by the name Cheddar focuses on the financial world. While its other competitor The Wall Street Journal covers financial, business and market news in a stricter sense, the content by Cheddar is geared towards a younger audience.

So can get access to all the Cheddar content thought its official Kodi add-on. From live streams to on-demand video clips you can select according to your choice and stream for free.


For all the American expats, vacationers and military members who cannot catch up with the television as they stay out of the country, USTV Now help them to stay abreast. There is a diverse range of channels to select from, categorized into multiple categories.

You can opt for any one of the three pricing plans available. There are six channels in the entry-level package, which includes new channels like ABC, PBS, and FOX. The regular plan of $19/month regular adds some more news channels. While the most expensive plan which costs $29/month plan gives you access to the DVR features with no increase in the news channels. Right now you may not find it in the official repository, and so you can find it in the SuperRepo.

Newsmax TV

Heard of Newsmax.com? If you have seen the news shows on Newsmax.com then you would like this offshoot introduced of this conservative website. Newsmax TV is a free, live cable channel that runs 24 hours. Behind the Curtain with Jack Burkman, Newsmax Prime and Conversations with Nancy Brinker are some of the most popular shows hosted by this site.

And with the help of the Newsmax TV Kodi addon, you will get the access to not only the channel but also the selected clips of the show.

Additional Live TV Addons for Kodi

Wrapping Up

Looking among various options and coming up with the best for oneself needs perseverance and a lot of patience. And so we have tried to bring you the best. We hope that you install one of these on your Kodi device. And if you have a better option then do share it with us.

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