Kodi is an incredible video streaming platform that offers its users tons of features and dozens of builds along with hundreds of useful addons. Undoubtedly it is one of the best media tools, but all things come with certain issues. And if you too feel that the issues with Kodi are piling up, then you can abandon this ship, and try these Kodi alternatives.

Due to some legal issues and shut down of various add-ons you can check some other media players as well. Kodi has been a versatile player that is combined with great features like different add-ons, multiple device support, multi-format compatibility and much more. There are various alternatives to Kodi from which you can choose the one that suits your needs.

7 Best Kodi Alternatives of 2019:

Kodi is a quite useful application for those who have cut their cable cords. However it is not the most user-friendly platform, and you need to have a little edge to become a pro at it. Also for some users, it can be overwhelming. But thankfully it is not the only media streaming service available.

There are many other add-ons that are much easier and user-friendly. Some of these are-


One of the well-known open-source media streaming services is Emby. It comes with parental control by the DLNA connectivity home devices. One of the best parts is its live TV feature along with the DVR recording capability.

You can search for anything that you wish to see, for various titles, content which is available on different platforms. It is available on all media streaming devices that we run. Not only that, it even transcodes all the files according to the device on which it is running. It is a very smart idea for a streaming service like this. You can enjoy features of Emby like content reviewing options and server restore with its premium version.

Price: Free, Get exclusive features at $4.99/month

Platform Availability: Windows, Linux, Mac OS X (Desktop); Android, iOS, Windows (Mobile), Android TV, Samsung Smart TV, Chromecast, Xbox, Roku, (Others)


Plex, if not better than Kodi, it is almost as good as it is. Loaded with features that are enough to overwhelm anyone. This platform works on the client-server architecture so you can stream media through all devices. It has a fascinating interface and using this home theatre application you can which bring life to your videos.

When the collection of channels are taken into account, it is no less than Kodi. It mimics the latter in most of the features. You can stream all sorts of content depending on the topic or the channel that you prefer. You can always go with the free Plex version and enjoy its goodness, but for a premium experience, you can opt the paid version. And if you want to have the best of both world, then wit Plex’s smart way you can integrate it with Kodi.

Price: Free, for additional features paid subscription starts at $4.99/month

Platform Availability: Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, (Desktop); Android, iOS, Windows (Mobile), Android TV, PlayStation Chromecast, Roku, Xbox,  (Others)

Media Portal

Media Portal is another media streaming service but it is available only for devices running on the Windows operating system. Packed with some powerful features that nothing can beat it. It is one of the best Kodi replacements.

However, if you are using the hard drive to play the content then let me tell you that it comes with a limit. You can stream live music podcasts radio and whatnot. So its time you turn your home theatre or TV with Media portal into a custom movie cinema. It offers a huge range of add-ons that takes your streaming experience to the next level.

Price: Free

Platform Availability: Windows


Stremio can be best described through its three features that are an amazing dashboard, an attractive user interface, and informative home screen. To begin with, make an account on Stremio which is fairly easy.

In addition to tools offered by Kodi, you can also enjoy some additional features that our subject streaming service lacks. You can add subtitles, view the casting information which makes it a little better in functionality than Kodi. What makes Stremio one of the first choices of a number of users is that the Add-ons that you use are not added on your computer.

Price: Free, for certain content- paid host servers

Platform Availability: Windows, iOS, Mac, Android, Linux


Another media streaming service designed along the lines of Kodi is JRiver. It is like the one-stop place that addresses all your media playing needs. If your PC or desktop is your only primary media solution then JRiver is for you. While some of the Kodi replacements lack mouse integration when running on an interface other than TV, JRiver overcomes such drawbacks as well.

The graphic user interface of JRiver is similar to Windows so now you can make specific alterations on all the individual media files and even play with the settings but only a little bit. Also, you can choose media files and assign them bulk attribute. The JRiver media platform even beats Kodi when it comes to ripping the media discs to the library. So you can easily stream your favorite movies with this amazing platform.

Price: Free Trial; Windows license for $49.98 (one-time purchase)

Platform Availability: Mac OS, Windows, Smart TVs


Open Source Media Center aka OSMC is known for its simple interface. You will find simplicity in all its operations like local network, attached storage, and internet media player. It is too, build along the Kodi lines and interestingly it is known as the Linux version of Kodi. Yes, it means that it works well with most of the Kodi add-ons.

Apart from the regular features, OSMC is also supportive of a range of TV tuners and Wi-Fi adapters. Its web-based User Interface and compatibility with desktop environment show that OSMC is here to stay. All these features and vision of OSMC has also brought it accolades from Wall Street Journal Lifehacker and the New York Times. It even introduced VERO 4K, a flagship device which comes with HD audio, 10-bit content and 4K video content support.

Price: Free

Platform Availability: Windows, Mac OS, Apple TV, Linux, Raspberry Pi, Vero

Cinema HD

Another media streaming service known to stream only HD content is Cinema HD. As the name goes it acts as a bridge between the HD movies available across the web and the users. It hosts an extended library which is updated regularly. Another amazing feature is that it has the simplest interface that you will come across. While for some it is too simple for a media streaming platform, for some simplicity is the best.

Cinema HDs usage is restricted only to Android devices. So you can view your favorite movies on a big screen by connecting to the Firestick devices, something similar to Stremio. A recent update has added some additional features which include YouTube integration, along with integration with Hulu and Netflix like online streaming services. It is one of the best alternatives to Kodi designed along the lines of Stremio.

Price: Free

Platform Availability: Android

Wrapping Up

We hope that the alternatives we listed above help you. You can go with any option that fulfills your expectations and budget. And in case you feel some other media streaming platform that can replace Kodi, then let us know in the comment section below.

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