One of the famous media player today is Kodi. Here you can stream all sorts of media from entertainment shows to sports, news and much more. The most fascinating thing about Kodi is that it is available for free on the Internet and supports various add-ons, extra software that allows you to access content online. Some of the well-known add-ons are Trakt, Exodus, and Amazon. Gvideo is also one such Kodi add-on that gives you access to all the high definition links. But while using this unique Kodi add-on there are chances that you face error message. And so if you too want to experience a home theatre-like experience with Gvideo, check out this complete guide to Gvideo and how to fix Gvideo links not working error.

What is Gvideo?

One of the most preferred and dependable one-way links are given by Kodi Gvideo. They provide with the HD links that are available through the Kodi add-ons. Powered by Google, Gvideo is supported by one of the most important server networks that are ideal for the High definition documents. The upload and downloading speed of Gvideo is better than all the other free hosts that make the quicker uploads possible and less buffer-streaming for free.

The Google Drive addon for Kodi can be downloaded easily from the addon repository of Kodi. After the installation completes, the addon will directly connect to the API service of Google. After the authentication of Google’s API on your device is done, you are free to browse content on your won cloud, content shared by others with you and also the starred content. Also, you can now use the Gvideo sources through any of your favorite add-ons.

What is Gvideo Links not Working Error?

Google’s new addon for Kodi provides you with access to the files stored on your own cloud. Also using the powerful Gvideo sources it activates the ability to stream online. But now as Google had made some changes to their service, you will now have to login in order to access the streaming sources through their API. And so this is the one reason that many Kodi users are facing the Gvideo links no longer functional issue.

Google has taken out several links due to its latest policy implications. One of the reasons being the intellectual property theft problems. Also, some of the Gvideo links are banned by Google. However, some of the users reported that some of the Gvideo links/sources are working within some add-ons, but still there is surety if they will be working or not.

How to Fix Gvideo Links Not Working on Kodi Error?

The issue of Gvideo not working can be fixed using several methods. Here we are going to share the three most efficient way to fix Kodi Gvideo links not working issue.

Method 1- Use VPN to Fix the Error

The first and the foremost thing that one should remember about the Gvideo Kodi addon is that Google owns it. The Gvideo Kodi add-on offers a collection of several stream catalogs in high definition making it preferable by the users. However, the user cannot customize their streams as it is owned by Google and it only manages it completely.

The trouble to stream Gvideo links aggravated when Google asked the users to use their Kodi account to sign in with the Google account in order to collect data from the Kodi users. Only then they could access the features of Gvideo. This is a thoughtless move that a Kodi user can make and so it is advised that one should use a VPN service while accessing Gvideo.

Using a VPN will help you access the links that are not banned or removed by Google. However, it doesn’t assure you the links that you are searching for but it is one alternative to troubleshoot the Gvideo not working issue.

Method 2- Fix Gvideo Issue by Updating URL Resolver

One of the well-known Kodi addons that enhances the experience of the user with the Kodi software is URL Resolver. This Kodi add-on basically functions in the background and updates the URLs constantly. This is the main function of the URL Resolver, apart from scarping the redundant URL and updating the directory by adding the new URLs.

It is possible that the URL of the Gvideo addon is outdated or couldn’t connect due to the permission error or an outdated or corrupt version of the add-on. In such cases also one can face the Gvideo links not working on Kodi error.

The issue can be resolved by updating the older version of URL resolver. If you update the URL Resolver add-on you might be able to stream the links that were not working before. However, the user should keep in mind that updating the URL Resolver will not help you to create new streams. It can only help you to connect to the previously established streams. And so it is right to say that updating the URL Resolver is an effective way to fix errors like this.

Method 3- Reinstall the Add-on to resolve Gvideo Error

If none of the above-mentioned methods work then you can resort to this last option. Sometimes, the updated version of add-ons can hinder the streaming of various inks. The reason behind this may be due to the compatibility issues or glitch with the current software.

You can troubleshoot the issue by rolling back to the previous version on which the streams were previously working. Or you can also try reinstalling the add-on.  To begin with, uninstall the Gvideo add-on from the directory, and then install it again.

This will help you overcome the glitch with the old version. You can also go back to the previous version from the Settings of the directory. However, the users should go ahead with this method on their own expense.

Wrapping Up

So that’s it, guys. I hope that the article was helpful to you. All three methods are quite simple and easy to execute. You can go ahead with any of the above methods as all the methods are compatible with all the version of Gvideo.

However, the success of the any of the method depends upon the condition of your add-on and the links that you are trying to stream. So don’t let errors like this stop you from streaming your favorite content, just troubleshoot it and keep streaming.

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