Guys another feature-packed build is here. Formerly known as Diamond Dust, this build is a must install if you want to enjoy great quality video add-ons. So install Diamond Build on Kodi and start your streaming today.

The Diamond Build offers an all-new interface with new menu and custom shortcuts and icons. You can individually install all the add-ons without being heavy on the build. The build gives you complete accessibility to a wide range of entertainment options as well. And if you want to explore some obscure add-ons then Diamond build is for you.

What is Diamond Build?

Another reliable, fast and lightweight build that you can try is the Diamond Kodi build previously known as the Diamond Dust, this build offers its users tons of top-grade video addons. It is quite popular and allows you to stream live TV movies, TV shows sports and much more on-demand content. The build is compatible with all kinds of platforms. The Diamond build is available in the Diamond Wizard and all the Home Screen’s important menus are listed in the Aeon Nox Silvo Skin.

The build is completely lightweight and known for its top-notch performance on all devices. We have reviewed this build thoroughly and feel that it totally deserves to be recommended as the top Kodi builds. It delivers unique and special media content that is hard to find on any other Kodi builds. However, if you are looking to stream media for kids, then you might be a little disappointed because it doesn’t host any content for kids.

How to Install Diamond Build on Kodi?

Installation of Diamond Build on all Kodi compatible devices is easy and similar to other add-ons and builds. You can complete this in four parts. So once you have installed a VPN service, you can start with the process.

Part 1- Enable Unknown Sources

So guys, as you all know that to install any third-party application you need to change the settings of your application.

Step 1- Launch the Kodi app. Then open Settings.

Step 2- Now click on System Settings option.

Step 3- Hover your mouse on the Add-ons tab present at the left side. Then on the right side click on Unknown Sources option to enable it.

Part 2- Add the Diamond Repo Source

So now that you can install any unofficial app on your device, install the Diamond Wizard, the host repository. This is the step where you need to turn on your VPN service as the URL might get blocked by your ISP.

Step 1- Open the Kodi app. Click on Settings.

Step 2- Then open File Manager. In the next window, a mirrored list will appear. Click on Add Source option.

Step 3- Enter the following URL in the given space-  And give it a suitable name like Diamond Wizard and press Ok.


Part 3- Install Diamond Wizard Repo

After adding the source of the repository, let us install the Diamond Wizard Repo.

Step 1- Navigate back to the Home Screen. Click on Add-ons.

Step 2- Choose the Package Installer icon. In the Add-ons browser window, click on Install from zip file option.

Step 3- Select the Diamond Wizard. Then choose INSTALL_DIAMOND_REPO> file.

Step 4- Wait till you get the notification regarding the update of the Wizard.

Part 4- Install Build Wizard

The next step is the installation of the Diamond Build Wizard which hosts the build. Follow the steps given below-

Step 1- Go back one step, and then choose Install from repository option.

Step 2- Click on the Diamond Wizard Repo option. Choose Program Add-ons.

Step 3- Then click on Diamond Build Wizard option. And finally, click on Install.

Now, wait till you get the notification regarding the installation of the wizard. Lastly, you will need to complete some pop-ups, you can dismiss some while in a few just hit the Next button.

Part 5- Install Diamond Build

This is the final step. You can install the build from the wizard that you have just installed.

Step 1- Open the Add-ons window from the Home Screen of Kodi.

Step 2- Click on Program add-ons> Diamond Build Wizard.

Step 3- Click on the Builds option present at the top right corner of the screen. In the new windows that opens choose The Diamond Build for K-18L.

In the next step, you need to decide whether you just want to install the build or want to do a fresh install. We would recommend you to choose a fresh install as the former would salvage some of your data.

Step 4- So click on Fresh Install option. An error message will pop-up. Ignore this message and go ahead with the installation. Click on Yes.

Step 5- The reset process will begin. First, it will clean all the files and then begin with the downloading process.

Step 6- As the installation process completes, a new pop-up will appear asking you to force close the Kodi app. Hit the enter tab or click on Ok.

That’s it. The Diamond build is installed and now you can enjoy various video add-ons that it offers.

Wrapping Up

The Diamond Kodi build may be called as a chance discovery but it has proved to be quite delightful. It is great in its appearance, comes with tons of pre-loaded video add-ons and eve with so many installed add-ons it performs even better. So go ahead and try it.

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