Shut down of Kodi repositories and add-ons doesn’t mean an end to the streaming of free content. Kodi has seen a tough time, but it doesn’t mean one should get disheartened. If you are an avid online streamer then you can check out Stremio, known as the successful successor of Kodi. Kodi has made quite an impact on the viewers. But media player like Stremio is also worth trying. Stremio is known for the various add-ons which are proving to be a great replacement of Kodi. So if you have downloaded and installed, and wondering which Stremio addons to be added, then you have reached the right article.

Today we are going to talk about Stremio and add-ons that you can download for 2019. Check out the entire list here.

What is Stremio?

With Stremio like media content player, you can get access to all the TV shows, movies, web series, documentaries, along with YouTube and Twitch like channels. You can also view the news and live TV on this platform. Not only you can stream different content on this video streaming application, you can also organize all your favorite content. If you are using an Android phone then download Stremio from the Google Play Store. It is also available on the AppStore for iOS users and even on the Windows Store. Stremio thus behaves like a one-stop location, mimicking all the apps like iTunes and Netflix. But it is important that you about the application in and out in order to avail all the benefits. And so we are here to share some of the best Stremio add-ons that you can download.

Is Stremio Illegal?

Stremio media player is completely legal. But the third party-addons that come along with the application raises legality questions, just like Kodi. Torrent websites are the source of all the content offered by Stremio. And so when you are using Stremio, you are more likely accessing the legal, copyrighted content.

Best Stremio Addons 2019

All the Stremio add-ons are a great source of movies and TV shows. So if you are looking for some kickass entertainment, then here are the top Stremio Add-ons that you download.

1. Juan Carlos

The most popular addon of Stremio is Juan Carlos. It is basically a torrent website that hosts from its own streams for movies and TV shows. The website is around in the market from very long and offers content to its users for free. So you can install Juan Carlos on your device safely, and start enjoying your favorite media content now.


2. PirateBay

Another largest and known torrent website is PirateBay which always survive a shutdown implemented by copyright owners. The website is now available as a Stremio addon. Just like the other add-ons, with PirateBay you can directly stream on to your Stremio app all the exclusive Movies and TV Shows. The PirateBay add-on hosts all the video content that is found on the respective website.

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3. DTube

Another add-on that hosts tons of videos and is working to create a unique video hub on its own monopoly is DTube. Just like YouTube ,it is home to a lot of video content and also gives away rewards in the form of cryptocurrency to the people who contribute their original content.


Amongst the various Stremio add-ons present, IBERIAN manages to be at the top. It provides all the latest and exclusive movies and TV shows that are on great demand in high streaming quality. According to experts if you have IBERIAN installed as an add-on then you do not have to look for other substitutes.


5. WatchHub

The WatchHub Stremio addon streams all its contents through certain providers. You can find and watch your favorite TV shows and movies on WatchHub, as its providers include Amazon, HBO, Hulu, iTunes, and any others. It also allows you to stream content from Uthe K and the US.


6. Twitch

Fan of IPTV channels? Here is the original hub of IPTV channels by the name Twitch where you can watch live IPTV channels. It is of an added advantage when you have to stream some live sporting event as sports channels are especially available on Twitch. So if you install Twitch on your Stremio app then its time you can actually cut off your cable.


The next ultimate Stremio addon that you can install is VODO. It is an official Stremio addon that happens to be the best platform for watching independent Indie movies for free. It is a very popular platform for promoting independent movies.  So if you are a fan of movies that independent entertainment companies produce and distribute then install VODO right now.


8. Popcorn Time

Another movie add-on that directly features free TV shows, movies, sports and much more directly from torrent websites like EZTV and YTS is Popcorn Time. This Stremio add-on brings all the latest entertainment to you and you can even choose the streaming quality of the content as well.


9. Netflix

Netflix is not an unknown name, and if you are a big fan of Netflix movies, then this addon is a must install. The Netflix Stremio add-on is an official add-on that allows you to stream original Netflix content without any buffering issue. So just log in to Netflix through this add-on and start streaming the high-quality content.


10. YouTube

With the YouTube Stremio addon, you can stream YouTube videos and that too without any interrupting ads. Also, you can watch all the recently uploaded videos by the artists that you follow, and that too without paying anything extra. The experience of watching YouTube is doubled while streaming YouTube though Stremio.

Wrapping Up

Stremio is an amazing application where you can stream movies, TV shows, and even Live IPTV channels. It is one of the best media streaming platform and a strong competitor of Kodi. So just download and install any of the Stremio addons mentioned above and enjoy the latest media content for free.

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