About Profuomo

Profuomo is a leading Dutch brand in the clothing and apparel industry. Profuomo’s product line offers wearable articles ranging from formal wear to casual ones. Jackets, dress shirts, polo shirts, trousers, knitted wear, outerwear, and other accessories are just some of their offerings. Their shirts can be purchased online via their own website and other online web stores such as Profuomo Shirts (Overhemden).

Ideology of Profuomo

A shirt brand with a rich history: Purfuomo is a family-owned brand and belongs to an Italian family based in the Netherlands. Its flagship store is located in Amsterdam and has stores in countries across the world, including the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Germany, Ireland, Luxembourg, Morocco, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, and Ukraine. Founded in 1934, the ideology behind the company’s undying quest for producing high-quality fabric is derived from its founder Heinz Michaelis. Heinz wanted to produce good quality fabric by incorporating the best quality raw material available with the most efficient processes plus adoption of best manufacturing practices with consideration and deliberation.

Three generations past, the company to date, strives to produce the best quality shirts and other forms of men’s wear and is still a leading brand across many European countries. In addition to it, the owners pride themselves in having learned the wisdom of trade from their older generations and benefit from the opportunity of combining it with the modern era technology. This allows them to keep grounded in their roots which would be their forefather’s ideology while reaching for newer and future-oriented markets and adapting to the latest fashion trends.

Profuomo’s Shirts

As mentioned before, Profuomo’s current product line consists of both, formal and casual wear. Their knitted shirts are a fine blend of the comfort of polo shirts and the elegance of traditional ones. In the same way, their jackets exhibit class and their polo shirts are the most comfortable wearable articles a customer would ever come across.

The rest of their products which include trousers, dress shirts, knitwear, outerwear and other accessories are all high class fabrics designed to cater the needs of men of all ages, each of the categories catering to the needs of a special class and providing them the value against the price they pay for each clothing item.

Whether you need casual t-shirts or formal shirts which you can use cuff links with, Profuomo is your place to be.

Free Home Delivery

The company allows its customers to create an online account with their website and get themselves registered. After that, they can shop directly from the website and once they have finished their shopping, they are required to enter the payment details. Post the payment stage, customers get their packages delivered to their doorsteps within 1-4 business days. The cherry on the top is that Profuomo offers free delivery to its customers who make purchases via its online portal. In addition to it, it allows its customers to enter more than one delivery address. This means deliveries can be relocated to an alternate address in case the primary address provided fails to receive the package.

Returning/ Exchange An Online-Purchased Item

In case the customer wishes to return a purchase made online, it can be done via the delivery companies within 14 days of receiving their order. However, customers who have made in-store purchases are not allowed to return an item. Similarly, if an online customer demands the exchange of a product via the web store, it is not allowed currently. However, if an in-store purchaser or an online customer wishes to exchange products in physical stores, they are allowed to do so within a time period of 14 days of the purchase made.

There are two conditions attached to the exchange; the clothing item being returned must be untouched and should not have been worn by the purchaser in any event and the exchanged item would fall in the same price range and will not exceed the purchase value of the item being previously purchased.

With the ease of order confirmation and tracking, quick handling of customer orders, the online purchase segment of Profuomo appears equally promising to the customers as much as their physical stores do. The noble return and exchange policies also add up to the company’s image and values, which is an add-on to the good quality shirts it produces.

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