In this guide, we explain how to create customized writings online thanks to many sites that offer different services to each other. Creating customized writings can be a need for several reasons: there are those who would like to have an original signature on their favorite forum, those who intend to redo the graphics on a social network and those who instead look for a logo or a distinctive graphic for their own website.

Unless it is a job that requires particular professionalism, the network offers a rather vast range of resources to be able to create, with practically zero graphic knowledge, the customized writing of your dreams. For example, if you deal with BuyEssay, they can offer sophisticated graphics according to what you need.

Software and online services for personalized writing!

First of all, it must be specialized as there is a rather complex software that is absolutely the top in this sense. These are very valid packages that require a certain manual ability to obtain decent results with regards to custom written and logos. If your goal is to refine your graphic skills and enter this fantastic world, I suggest you learn how to use the software just mentioned. If, on the other hand, you need an inscription or a logo and that is enough (maybe obtainable without too much effort and quickly), I can show you services that will surely do for you. In this case, no particular knowledge in the graphic or computer field is necessary: often it is enough to arrange a couple of settings to obtain good and above all rather original results.

How to make personalized writings thanks to the best online sites and services

There are sites that, without having to download absolutely nothing, will allow you to quickly create personalized writing of great visual impact. Don’t expect particularly professional results even if, if your needs are quite basic, you might get what you need. If instead, your aim is to make fun writing to surprise friends and acquaintances, the final part of this article is dedicated to tools that offer a low level of customization but allow you to create really fun and high-impact visual effects.

Cooltext, fast and ideal for buttons and lettering

One of the most famous sites for creating logos, buttons and writings are called Cooltext. This platform is simple and intuitive even for those unfamiliar with graphic work: some examples of personalized text are presented (even with simple animations). The user can also select filters, and then choose the example he likes best by clicking on it. Once this is done, you will go to a page where you can enter the text and the font size used. Within a few seconds, a rather exhaustive preview of the writing will appear just above.

Finally clicking on Create Logo, you can download what you have done, send it via email, publish it on social media or return to the edit screen. In spite of rather elementary customization, Cooltext offers the easiest way to be able to quickly create personalized writing. Of course, there is also the possibility of creating logos and similar graphics, with always very basic procedures.

Glowtxt, glittering and sparkling effects at will!

Don’t be impressed by the very “nice” impact of Glowtxt, as this tool is quite useful for the purpose. Compared to Cooltext, it guarantees greater control over color (with a hexadecimal code) and many other effects that girls may enjoy more than those looking for real hard writing. It should be emphasized that, recently, an interesting Chrome extension has also been made available to take full advantage of the multiple functions of this service.

PicFont: an advanced tool

If you are looking for a platform that offers both simple and professional services, you can opt for PicFont. The site, active for ten years, allows you to create writings with a background (and therefore potentially even logos) in a rather simple manner. The difference compared to the services listed so far? The high level of customization: you can choose the font, the size, any rotations, and curves as well as cut out portions of the image.

Textanim, simple but quick

With Textanim it is possible to create personalized animated texts in just a few seconds. The options are few, but at the same time they are able to define the work in the smallest details: text, font, size, background color, possible shading, and delay of the graphic effect, allow rather accurate customization.

Interesting right? Now…are you ready to make your customized writings?

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